Importing your Sphere

With your SmartZip account, you have to capability of importing up to 10,000 Sphere contacts!  SphereTargeting allows you to upload your entire database and gain access to pertinent information so you are empowered to grow your relationship!

Before you import your Sphere, please make sure you have your Branding Profile and Account Setup completed.  To assist you with this, check out our step-by-step Launchpad article here!

**Please note:  You may notice reference to geographical farms within the above article.  This article was originally created for our territory-based SmartTargeting users but can also be helpful for our SphereTargeting users.  If you have any questions or feedback regarding your account setup, please contact the Support Team via Email or Live Chat!**


Importing your Sphere

The contact import page is accessible in two ways:  By clicking Add-Ons within the navigation bar on the left hand side of your screen, then selecting Predictive Insights, or by clicking the blue Import Contacts button on the top right-hand corner of the Contacts page.


Via Add-Ons > Predictive Insights:

  1.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen.  You will see a section titled “Import your contacts”.  From there, you can choose the CSV or Excel file to be uploaded by clicking into the box, or by simply dragging and dropping.

2.  Confirm the accuracy of the field matches by reviewing and modifying the content in each field and ensuring each is labeled correctly.  Without a contact name and address, the potential match rate decreases significantly.  Additionally, you may determine how much content you wish to import by simply selecting Do Not Import.  Once finished, click Import to continue with the upload.

3.  Upon upload, the system will match as many properties as possible.  You will be able to view an import summary detailing the number of matched contacts (how many contacts were matched with contacts in the SmartZip database), how many matches also have rich insights, how many contacts uploaded came with associated emails and phone numbers, and if any of your uploaded contacts also reside in your purchased SmartTargeting farm.

From here, you can either View Contacts, launch your own custom Online Ads campaign, or launch your own Custom Direct Mail campaign.

**Please Note:  Our system is always checking for content overlap, regardless of if you are uploading a contact via Sphere import or a homeowner has visited one of your landing pages.  All duplicate contacts will be automatically merged to prevent multiple entries.  You can see an overview of how many contacts were merged by visiting Contact Imports in the Account Settings page.**

For any properties uploaded without a property match, the contact will be uploaded as a separate entry.  Only the information uploaded at the time of import will be visible, such as their contact info.  All of the other tabs will be hidden, and if/when there is a property match, that information will be available for you to unlock.  To increase your property match rate, be sure to include both the contact’s full name and address in your import.  If you need to update a contact by adding a property address after importing, you can do so as well.  To learn more, click here.

4.  All imported contacts will be accessible under the Sphere label on the Contacts page and on your Account Settings page.
Contacts Page: 

Account Settings > Account Management > Contact Imports

If you want to upload more contacts in the future, simply repeat the steps listed above!

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