Top Producer® X CRM: Viewing Market Snapshot® Reports

Top Producer® X CRM allows you to conveniently view and manage your Market Snapshot® reports, so you can easily showcase your expertise and stay top of mind by providing consumers with hyperlocal, hard-to-find info on the real estate market.

See Set up Market Snapshot® to get started, or Sending a Market Snapshot® report for sending instructions.

Viewing Snapshots in the Snapshots Dashboard

Log in and click Snapshots in the main menu to open the Snapshots dashboard. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of all snapshot reports sent.

Use the Sent between and Report status filters to find the snapshots you desire. Click Stop to stop a snapshot report, Start to start a stopped report, or Edit (migrated boards only) to edit the report settings.

Viewing Snapshots in a Contact Record

Log in, open a contact record and click the Snapshot Reports tab to see a list of snapshot reports you’ve sent to the client.

Click Stop to stop a snapshot report, or Start to start a stopped report.

Viewing Snapshot Details

Click on a report in the Snapshots dashboard or under the Snapshot Reports tab of a contact record to view more details.

View the basic details of the report here, toggle listing alert settings, and start/stop/delete as desired. Click View Report to see the report as seen by the client. Click Edit Report (migrated boards only) to edit the report settings.

Valuable report statistics include:

  • Email Opens – # of times the email was opened.
  • Email Clicks – # of times the link in the email was clicked.
  • Email Inquiries – # of times the customer emailed you from the report.
  • Report Views – # of times the Market Snapshot report was viewed.

To get the most out of Market Snapshot®, check out our Market Snapshot®best practices.

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