Home Page Overview

The Market Snapshot Home page presents a summary view of the recent activity in your account. You can see new inquiries, recently viewed Market Snapshots, as well as unviewed and failed Market Snapshots. It is a great place to start when you just want a quick overview of what has been happening.

Market Snapshot Home Page


This section displays official messages from Top Producer. Here you will see important notices about upcoming service updates and new features, and useful tips about using Market Snapshot. If you would like to delete a message, click the Trash icon Market Snapshot Home Page on the right of the message.

New Inquiries

This section will display your newest leads, including their contact information and their source.

If you would like to see the full inquiry report, click the View full report link on the right. You can also click icons beside each lead to Create MS, View Details, or Delete Inquiry. At the bottoms is a quick summary to show you how many new leads you’ve received in the last 24hours and in the last 7 days.

Recently Viewed Market Snapshots

Here you will see a short list of the most recently viewed Market Snapshots, along with when they were last viewed.

Market Snapshot Home Page

If you would like to see a full report of all viewed Market Snapshots, click the View full report link on the right. If you would like to view all Market Snapshots, click Show all.  Each Market Snapshot has a series of icons available: Start/Stop, Modify MS, Create MS, View Details, View MS, and Delete MS.

Unviewed Market Snapshots

This section lists any Market Snapshots that have been sent but have not yet been viewed. This is a good section to look at regularly, since it helps you determine which leads may require additional follow-up.

Market Snapshot Home Page

You are also provided all the same icons available in the Recently Viewed section.

Recently Failed Market Snapshots

It’s important to track which Market Snapshots have failed, since that means the lead has not received the information they requested.

Market Snapshot Home Page

There are several reasons a Market Snapshot might fail. Perhaps the inquiry was for an area outside your MLS, or there was no appropriate MLS data for the search criteria. A Failure Message will be displayed indicating the reason the Market Snapshot could not be generated. If you would like information about possible ways to resolve the issue, click the How to fix link on the right. You can also view a report of all failed Market Snapshots by clicking View full report, or view all statuses by clicking Show all.

By keeping track of this section you have an opportunity to examine the reason the Market Snapshot failed and take action. Depending on the circumstances you could either correct the issue yourself, follow-up with the lead personally to get more information, or delete the Market Snapshot.

You are also provided with the same icons available as in the previous sections (with the exception of View MS, since none was generated).

Summary of Market Snapshot Icons

It is worth noting that you can place your cursor over an icon to see the name of each option, which will help you determine what it does. Below is a summary of the icons available on the Market Snapshot Home page.

Start Market Snapshot Home Page: Start (or re-start) a Market Snapshot for that lead.
Stop Market Snapshot Home Page: Stop generating any further Market Snapshots for that lead. You will still be able to view their previous Market Snapshots and statistics from within Market Snapshot.
Modify MS Market Snapshot Home Page: Modify the criteria used to generate the Market Snapshot. Use this to view the criteria, make any necessary changes, and then regenerate the Market Snapshot with the new information.
Create MS Market Snapshot Home Page: Create a new Market Snapshot for a lead. If a Market Snapshot has already been created, this will generate a new additional Market Snapshot, which is great if a lead wants to receive information about two different areas.
View Details Market Snapshot Home Page: View the full details of the lead, including information about the source, viewing statistics, and the date of their next scheduled Market Snapshot.
View MS Market Snapshot Home Page: View the most recent Market Snapshot that was sent to the lead.
Delete Market Snapshot Home Page: When associated with an Inquiry (lead), this icon will delete the lead from Market Snapshot. When associated with a Market Snapshot, it will delete only the Market Snapshot request and keep the lead.

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