Sending a Market Snapshot to a Contact from Top Producer CRM

If you are using Top Producer CRM, you can send a Market Snapshot to any of your contacts from within Top Producer CRM, provided they have an email address entered in their contact record.

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  1. In Top Producer CRM, open the contact record of the person to receive the Market Snapshot report.
  2. At the top right of their record, go to the Perform Action menu and click Create Market Snapshot.


  3. The Market Snapshot Request form will appear in a separate window. This is the same form that appears within the Market Snapshot Control Panel.

    Market Snapshot Request Form

  4. The contact details will be populated using information stored in your Top Producer CRM database, including the contact’s email address, future property information if a buyer, or current address if selling their home.
  5. Fill in any missing information. If more than one MLS is associated with your Market Snapshot account, use the MLS menu to choose the correct one to use for this snapshot. Use the Market Snapshot Schedule option to select the frequency at which the report will be sent.
  6. Click Generate. The Market Snapshot will be created and sent to the contact.

You will receive an email confirming that the Market Snapshot has been sent, a Notification will be automatically added to their contact record, and their Market Snapshot information will be available within the Market Snapshot Control Panel.

Alternatively, if this contact has past Market Snapshot activity and you would like to generate a new Snapshot, you can use the Market Snapshot Summary section that appears on the Summary tab of the Contact Record. Just click the Create New Snapshot link and follow the steps provided above. Click here to learn more about the Market Snapshot Summary section.

Market Snapshot Summary

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