Create Contact Snapshot

Use the steps outlined in this article to create snapshots for contacts that already exist in your database. (For new leads that aren’t in your database, use the Create New Snapshot option.)

Tip: You can create multiple snapshots for contacts, each with different criteria. For example, they might want a snapshot with data related to their current home (seller snapshot), and a second one with data related to their area of interest (buyer snapshot).

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Go to Market Snapshot > Create Contact Snapshot. This list will contain any lead that you have previously received through an Inquiry Capture form or for whom you manually created a snapshot. Also, if you’ve linked Top Producer CRM to your Market Snapshot account, all contacts in Top Producer CRM will appear too. (To link them, in Market Snapshot, just go to Setup > Top Producer 7i/8i Account.)


Once you have located the lead, click the Create MS icon Create Contact Snapshot to the right of their information. This will display the Create a Market Snapshot Report form.


The form will be automatically populated with any information available in their lead record, so you only need to fill in the missing data. Required information is denoted by a red asterisk *. If you belong to more than one MLS, select the MLS you want to use for this snapshot.

You can also select the Listing Alerts you want automatically sent when a new listing comes on the market, there’s a price change, or a listing is sold. Enter multiple zip codes (up to a maximum of 10) for the areas your contact is interested in. You also have the option to compile all the listing alerts for the day into one email or have an individual email sent each time a new listing alert arrives.

When you’ve entered the information, click Generate to generate their Market Snapshot.

Advanced Search

If the default fields are not specific enough, the Advanced button will give you access to an advanced search of your MLS. This allows you to refine your search criteria to include MLS data that more closely matches the subject property.


Note that only the search options made available by your MLS will be accessible in the Advanced Search section.

Log in to create a snapshot.

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