Market Snapshot Email Text Customization

Market Snapshot automatically sends a number of emails for different purposes.

Market Snapshot Ready

Sent when a lead’s first Market Snapshot report is ready for them. Contains a link to the report.

Market Snapshot Update Ready

Sent when subsequent Market Snapshots are sent to the lead.

Assigning Agent

Sent when the lead comes from and you are selected as the lead recipient.

Pre Market Snapshot Email

Automatically sent to leads when they request a Market Snapshot report. (Note: This template is available to legacy users only.)

Market Snapshot Delay

Sent when the Market Snapshot report fails to generate, usually due to your MLS server load. The system will retry until the report is generated. (Note: This template is available to legacy users only.)

Viewing the contents of an email

To view the contents of an email, just go to Setup > Market Snapshot Email Text Customization > and select the email from the Email type drop-down list.


Using a newer template

We’ve added some updated templates, so if you happen to be using an older one, you’ll see the message below in red.


You can preview the new template by clicking View latest template. You can either continue using the old template (but not modify it), or you can switch to the new template by clicking Reset in the very bottom left.

NOTE: Once you click Reset to switch to the new template, the old template is no longer available!

Editing an email template

NOTE: The current Market Snapshot Ready and Market Snapshot Update Ready email templates do not support customization.

Watch the Video

To modify an email, select the one you want to change from the Email type drop-down list > then click the Edit icon.


Make your changes in the Customize Email window > click Save.


Log in to customize email text.

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