Adding a Market Snapshot Link to Your Signature in Top Producer® X CRM

Note: If you have not created and have the URL for a Market Snapshot landing page yet, please see Creating a Landing Page for instructions.

  1. Log in to Top Producer, click Settings under the Account menu and click the Email tab.


  2. Click the Signatures tab and click Edit Signature.

    Top Producer - Email Signature Preferences

  3. Click your current signature or click Add Signature if you would like to create a new signature.
  4. Place the cursor in the Signature box where you would like to include the Market Snapshot landing page URL. Type the text you would like to use for the link in the text field. Some examples are:

    • Get a FREE Market Snapshot!
    • Find out what your neighbors houses are selling for!
    • Get a FREE report of local market trends!
    • Find out what’s happening in your area right now!

  5. Highlight the text which will be the hyperlink and click the Insert Hyperlink button Adding a Market Snapshot link to your Signature in 8i.
  6. Place your cursor in the URL field, then paste the landing page URL. To paste, Right-click and select Paste, or press CTRL-V on your keyboard. The full URL for your Market Snapshot will appear in the field.

    Top Producer 8i - Create Hyperlink Box

  7. Click OK and then click Save Signature.
  8. You can now choose to use your signature with all the types of Marketing Material you send from Top Producer CRM. Just choose the yes option for each type and select your newly created signature in the pull down menu.

    Top Producer 8i - Signature Usage

  9. Click Save Signature once you have chosen which marketing material to include your new signature on.

Now that you have a link in your signature that points recipients to the Market Snapshot form, every email you send is a potential lead generator!

Log in to update your signature.

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