FiveStreet: How does my forwarding address work?

If your leads are all going to a Gmail or Google apps email address, you are able to connect that email account directly to FiveStreet. This means you likely won’t need to use your email address.

If you aren’t using Gmail or Google Apps then your forwarding address is how your leads will get into the FiveStreet system. This forwarding email address acts as a middleman between your lead sources and your email inbox.

Your personalized email address can be put into any accepted lead source as your primary contact email address. Your leads are then directed to FiveStreet. If we get any emails that we don’t recognize as leads (like marketing emails from your lead provider) we forward them on to your FiveStreet account email address.

In the case of almost all lead sources, the prospect will never see this email address as the sites don’t display your contact email address.

We automatically assign you an email address when you create your FiveStreet account. It can be found on the Lead Sources tab of our website. If you prefer to change your address to make it easier to remember you can do so here.

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