Social Media Widget

Social Media Widget Creator Overview

Select an Icon drop down: Use this to specify what kind of button you are adding/modifying. Path to Profile: After selecting the desired button, enter the URL your profile page in this field. This field will automatically populate with a generic URL, and any special instructions will appear below. Add/Update Button: Clicking this will add


Social Media Widget Code Creator Instructions

Below are the steps to create a Social Media Widget for your Top Producer Website containing icons and links to your Social Media sites. The code that is generated can be added to the HTML of any Top Producer Website page, or added to a Custom Message Web Box. Choose your Social Media Icons From


Social Media Widget Code Creator

The Social Media Widget Code Creator makes it easy to add your Social Media icons to your website. Encourage your visitors to join your social media network, and advertise that you are active in the community! The code creator can help you insert the following Social Media Icons on your website: Facebook ActiveRain RSS Feed