Top Producer® Broker: FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions about reports and administering agents and teams.


How will my agents get their login info?

Once you set them up, they’re automatically emailed everything they need, including their username, password and the URL they need to access Top Producer CRM.


Can I invite and suspend users?

You can’t do this yourself in Top Producer Broker, but we’re working on it. In the meantime, email us at and we’ll do it for you!

(And just in case you didn’t know, you can invite an agent/team to join your brokerage so they too can use Top Producer CRM, and suspending an agent prevents access to Top Producer CRM.)


Will I be able to view suspended agents in Top Producer Broker?

You can’t view suspended teams in Top Producer Broker, but you can view suspended agents (i.e. agents that aren’t part of a team). They’ll appear in the Agents list (see below) with their status in the right column.

(While you can view suspended agents, you won’t be able to edit them. If you want to remove an agent’s suspended status, just email us at and we’ll do it for you.)

agent status


What is a shared assistant?

When you have an assistant that works with multiple agents/teams, you can share them so they can access an unlimited number of agents and team accounts and only 1 license is required. For details on adding a shared assistant, see How to set up your agents and assistants.


How do I choose the default office a shared assistant logs in to?

When you create an assistant, you will be asked to select the accounts they can administer. The first account you select will be the default account the assistant logs in to when they open Top Producer CRM.

shared assistant accounts

To see an assistant’s default account, just click Assistants from the left side of the page.

assistant default account

If you want to change it, just remove all the accounts > select the account you want set as default > click Save > then add the other accounts.


Why can't I delete my shared assistant?

In order to delete a shared assistant, they can only be assigned to 1 agent/team. If they’re assigned to more than 1, just go to Assistants > click the assistant > from the Edit Assistant page (shown below), click the X until only one agent/team remains. Then you’ll be able to delete the assistant.

delete shared assistant


Can I publish content?

You can’t do this yourself in Top Producer Broker just yet, but we’re working on it. In the meantime, email us at and we’d be happy to do it for you.


What is a 'lead agent'?

When you create a team, you select who the “lead agent” (or main/responsible agent) on the team will be. They can view assistant details and set their feature access and permissions, while other agents on their team can’t.


Can I change the lead agent?

No, once you’ve created a team and selected the lead agent, their role can’t be changed. You’d have to delete the team and add it again, choosing another lead agent when you first create the team.


Will the lead agent be able to view other team members' accounts?

The lead agent will be able to see other team members’ contacts, listings and closings.

Other agents on the team will only be able to see other agents’ contacts, listings and closings if this option was selected when their account was created.

agent permissions


When I delete an agent, what happens to their activities, contacts, etc?

When you delete an agent that is part of a team, you’ll be prompted to assign their stuff to other team members. If you delete an agent that is not part of a team, their pending activities, leads, listings and closings will also be deleted.


When I delete an agent, what happens to their assistant?

If the assistant is only linked to 1 agent, they will also be deleted when the agent is deleted. If the assistant is linked to multiple accounts, they won’t be deleted when an agent is deleted. Only the link to the deleted agent is removed.



What type of reports can I view in Top Producer Broker?

The Summary report shows you the big picture on how your agents are doing at lead follow-up and how often they’re using Top Producer CRM. Just click Summary under Report to view.

summary reports

If you want to compare agent usage, click Usage under Report. You’ll see the last time they logged in to Top Producer CRM, how many contacts they have, how many activities they’ve created/completed and more.

usage report

If you want the inside scoop on individual agents, click the agent’s name from either the Usage report above or the Follow-up report shown below. You’ll see their marketing activities, how many contacts they have in the system, how healthy their pipeline is, and more.

agent report

If you want to compare how your agents are doing at lead follow-up, click Follow up under Report. You’ll see how many they have (or haven’t) followed up with and how long it typically takes them.

follow up report

If you subscribe to Market Snapshot you’ll have an additional option to see detailed per agent Market Snaphsot and Listing Alert statistics. Click Market Snapshots under Report to view.

follow up report


What is the difference between the Summary report, the Agent report and the Usage & Follow-up reports?

The Summary report gives you the big picture on agent usage and lead follow-up.

The Usage and Follow-up Reports let you compare program Usage and Follow-up performance amongst your agents.

While the Agent report (accessed by clicking the agent’s name from either the Usage or Follow-up reports) lets you drill down to the individual agent level.

report differences


Log in to Top Producer Broker.

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