What makes the best real estate websites?

One Person Types on a Laptop While Another Person Points at the Screen and Someone Else Watches in the Background

In order to bring in clients, your real estate business needs an attractive and user-friendly website. If you are advertising your business online, in print, or elsewhere, the lead will be lost once a potential client tries to find more information about your business by looking for your website. With the intuitive real estate website builder from Top Producer, you can build a website that looks great and helps you acquire leads. But what attributes do the best real estate websites have?

1. Branded to represent your company

Your website’s colors, font choices, imagery, and tone of voice should all represent your real estate company’s branding. You want your visitors to have a memorable experience and remember your specific brand. Making sure all parts of your branding, from your website to your business cards and any other assets associated with your business are cohesive is the first step towards doing so.

2. User-friendly

If your website is slow to load or difficult to navigate, the lead may be lost. You don’t want a potential client to make it all the way to your website only to abandon it because the site takes too long to load, or important information isn’t easy to find.

3. Mobile-friendly

With more than half of internet users browsing the internet on their mobile devices, it is imperative that every website have a mobile-friendly version. If the site does not fit into the browser window, it’s difficult to scroll through on a mobile device. And if it’s difficult or impossible to use while on a smartphone or tablet, you will miss out on more than half of the people who may be seeking information about your real estate business online.

4. Built to drive leads

Once an internet user reaches your website, you want to encourage them to take an action so that they continue to move down the sales funnel. Make sure your phone number and email address are readily visible on your site, invite visitors to sign up for an email list or a market report for their neighborhood, and, if applicable, have links to your social media profiles easy to find.

5. Highlight your listings

If someone is visiting your real estate website, there is a good chance they found it while searching for local real estate listings. Your site should make use of high-quality photos and informative listings about your available properties.

You can quickly build a high-quality website that showcases your listings and drives leads with Top Producer’s intuitive website builder. Visit TopProducer.com today to get started!