Big goals? See how this Top Producer® user sold 93 transactions in 1 year

Jimmy D Dugger is a top-producing agent with Crye-Leike® Realtors in Tennessee.

The team started using Top Producer® CRM in 2005 and had a database of 300 contacts. Using a systematic approach, they’ve grown their database to 13,000 contacts they market to regularly. They run a tight ship and a very successful real estate business.

In fact, when we heard about the award Jimmy won for 93 transactions in 2017, we immediately wondered just how many agents he had working for him.

Then we found out it’s just Jimmy—and his angels.

Here’s how they do it

Jimmy refers to his three hard-working assistants as his “angels” for good reason. They handle many aspects of the business, from the scheduling to the marketing to the paperwork and beyond. Lucky for us, his assistants love Top Producer® CRM. During our interview with Beverly, Jimmy’s lead assistant, she told us just how much:

“If it wasn’t for Top Producer® CRM, I probably would’ve quit.”×6

The admiration among the team is mutual—according to Beverly, Jimmy is the superstar of the show. He makes the listing presentations, shows the properties and sells them.

And with a database of over 13,000 contacts, agents & vendors, each in the appropriate category with their own sets of activities, their system is a well-oiled machine. (Good news though—it’s not as hard to replicate as you might think.)

 They have lead follow-up down to a science

Whenever the team receives a new lead, 3 things are for certain:

  • Within 30 minutes the team follows up with value.
  • The lead is touched by 3 people in a 24-hour period.
  • They’re immediately put on an action plan.

It goes a little something like this:

1 . Jimmy calls the lead right away.

Top Producer® CRM notifies him when he receives a lead, so he immediately calls and sends the requested info, CC’ing his assistant.

2. Beverly then updates the lead’s record in Top Producer® CRM.

She updates their contact type, assigns an action plan and adds notes about their inquiry.

3. And at night, another assistant calls all of the leads from the day.

She’ll send additional info if needed, update their notes and schedule a follow-up.

Want to replicate this with just you & Top Producer® CRM?

No problem. First, make sure you’re sending your leads to Top Producer® CRM, and then make sure you’re getting notified when a new lead comes in. (Give us a call at 1-800-830-8300 if you want us to do it for you.)

After that, the rest will just flow. The new lead will appear in the Sales Pipeline for you to call, and when you do, Top Producer® CRM will automatically prompt you to record the details and schedule a follow-up.

And once you’ve done that, if you want to apply an action plan, tap the + icon:
And then tap Edit to set their contact type. You’ll thank yourself for this last step later—categorizing your contacts by contact type will help with marketing and other efforts in the future.

 For follow-up, the team relies heavily on action plans

So their lead process helped the team sell property to 32® leads in 2017. How did they sell 61 other properties to past clients?

By staying in touch of course.

“Without Top Producer® CRM, I don’t think we could keep track of it all.”

The team uses action plans to make sure they regularly call, text and email their database. From their color-coded system to what they’re sending to each, here’s a peek at how action plans run the show.

The team categorizes their contacts using contact types and assigns a color based on who they are:





  Listing prospects

To make sure they’re sent relevant info, each group is assigned a related action plan that touches them just enough based on who they are. For example, the “greens” are further categorized based on how close they are to buying:

  • Hot greens – ready to buy: Sent correspondence every day. Through Top Producer® CRM or Jimmy’s website, they’re touched every day.
  • Active greens – on the fence: Sent weekly correspondence—market updates, showing updates, financial options, etc.
  • Dead greens: Sent correspondence once a month. “Hey, we’re still here. If you need anything, just reach out.”

Master follow-up in Top Producer® CRM

The team has been using Top Producer® CRM for 15 years, so when it comes to action plans, their ducks are in a row. And action plans are great once they’re set up, but for new users wanting to get a handle on their follow-up, we recommend using the Follow-up Coach. It’s an action plan in itself really. If you haven’t logged some form of communication with a contact in a while, the Coach will bubble them up to make sure they don’t slip through the cracks and list with another agent.

The best part? There’s no setup required. As long as you have contacts in your database, chances are the Follow-up Coach will have suggestions on who you should reach out to. And with the quick and easy follow-up options, you’ll make meaningful connections in no time flat.

To close, we want to thank Beverly, Jimmy and the entire team for their continued loyalty all these years and wish them amazing success in 2019!

And if you’re not yet using  Top Producer® CRM and want to check it out, visit our website or give us a call at 1-833-387-1911. We’d be happy to help.

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