Tips to make a brilliant first impression

There are 86,400 seconds in a day, and a first impression only takes up 7 of them. In those 7 seconds, are potential clients deciding to work with you or with someone else?

Mastering the first impression is crucial, and in today’s digital world, there’s a good chance consumers are forming it by checking you out online. With over 74% of buyers from all generations using the internet during their home search, your online presence could be the make it or break moment.

If this very thought makes you want to run for the hills, don’t fret. Take these best practices for a spin instead:

  • Give yourself a Google! Do you like what you find?
  • Have a presence on the leading real estate search websites.
  • Clean up your social media profiles and be active on those channels.
  • Keep things current including your photo, bio, and recommendations. (Don’t hang on to that photo from 10 years ago. A little salt & pepper in the hair and laugh lines make you look experienced and distinguished, so own it!)

It all comes down to making a memorable first impression. After using the best practices above to nail it online, check out the 8 tips below to help you build relationships that flourish beyond those first 7 seconds.

Learn how using Top Producer® CRM can simplify and streamline the all-important first contact:

Apply the Simple Lead Conversion action plan in Top Producer® CRM to your incoming leads. From automatic follow-up within 5 minutes to qualification call reminders, this plan is simple, effective and easy. (Psst, if you want to apply this action plan, the steps are here.)

Provide multiple ways to contact you & showcase your brand

Your website gives consumers a place to learn about you and increases your brand awareness so they feel like they know you a little better. As we mentioned earlier, there’s a good chance their initial impression will be formed by checking you out on your website, so make sure it looks great (on every device!).

Remember all decision-makers

Immediately after you call, send an email or text from within Top Producer® CRM on your mobile device, you’ll be prompted to record details and schedule the next follow-up.

Since the details are fresh in your mind, recording good notes for later means you won’t forget the well-intentioned but opinionated dad who’s helping his daughter and son-in-law buy their first home. (Speaking from experience, it’s best you don’t forget him.)

Be patient and nurture

The second a lead crosses into Top Producer® CRM territory, it’s on the Follow-up Coach’s radar so it won’t slip through the cracks. All you’ve got to do is tap-tap a few times and follow up when prompted.

Whether you send a Market Snapshot®a casual (and oh-so-friendly!) email using one of our templates, or a quick text message, the point is you’re staying in touch. By offering value, you’ll be top of mind when the time comes.

Just remember that the way you approach and handle first contact tells your future client a lot about the way you do business, and Top Producer® CRM can bring it full circle.

If you need help getting started with Top Producer® CRM, give us a call at 1-888-530-9666 or request a demo. We’re happy to help!

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