Want to make your Market Snapshot open rates soar?

Not to toot any horns, but we’ve gotta say that the click-through rates for Market Snapshot are pretty awesome. (‘Click-through rate’ just means they opened the email and clicked to actually view your stuff.)

The click-through rates for Market Snapshot vary from month to month but are, on average, between 15.5% – 20%. To put in perspective how phenomenal this is, MailChimp says that the average ‘click-through rate’ for the Real Estate Industry is 2.68%.

The moral of the story—when you send meaningful, personalized and relevant content, they’re gonna read it!

(Not shouting—just emphasizing the point. We’re all friends here.)  

How do tailor my snapshots, you ask? Here are 3 quick ways:

1. Are they looking to buy or sell soon? If you know, make sure you get it right out of the gate.

2. Be as specific as you can when it comes to their criteria. Do this and you’ll get a more meaningful snapshot.

3. Set the schedule based on who they are.

The alerts you send and how often you send snapshots should be directly related to what stage they’re in.


Here’s an example for an active buyer or seller—weekly snapshots and all alerts turned on and ready to fire.

So when you’re creating future snapshots, just keep the above 3 tips in mind and you’re off to the races. And updating your existing ones might take a bit of effort, but the payoff will be huge. Your open rates will soar (even more) and you’ll look even more neighborhood-expert-y than you already do.

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