Advice from a top agent on the importance of your database

This one’s all about inspiration, folks. We had some amazing #Reconnect Success Story submissions this past month, and we want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to tell us your story about how the Follow-up Coach helps you in your business.

The entries rolled in on a Friday afternoon and uplifted every one of us who read them. When we hear your stories about how you use our products to help your business, you inspire us to do better. And while you’re all winners in our books, sadly we can only choose just one…

Congratulations to February’s winner—Rose Kemp with RE/MAX Town Centre in Orlando!

A Rose by any other name…

Wouldn’t be as successful. Meet Rose Kemp—a top agent with RE/MAX Town Centre in Orlando, Florida. She’s been in real estate a long time—17 years in fact—and has been using Top Producer CRM for 16 of those years. Why? Because even when Rose first started out, she knew the importance of having a database.

Rose’s story is an inspirational one… In the 17 years she’s been in real estate, she’s sold over 78M in central Florida. Last year though, due to unfortunate circumstances, Rose had to take ½ a year off. Against the odds, she still managed an impressive 4.8M sold.

We couldn’t agree more, Rose. In fact, that statement sums up what inspired us to create the Follow-up Coach in the first place. We knew that if we could find a way to give you 5 clients a day to follow up with, and all you had to do was the important part—follow up—you’d reap the benefits.

And the results Rose saw after using the Coach for just 5 minutes are astounding…

After sending just 5 emails from the Follow-up Coach, Rose has 3 potential deals on the table! She has an appointment in 2 weeks regarding a possible move, and another client who wants to sell her 2-story to buy a place that has room for her boat. Nicely done, Rose!

And the best part? Here’s how easy it all was…

While listening to our own Ryan Green and Keith Hockin talk at RE/MAX R4 about the power of the Follow-up Coach and the convenience of using Top Producer CRM on a mobile device, Rose was inspired to check it out. So she fired up Top Producer CRM on her phone for the very first time.

(Psst, if you haven’t seen mobile yet, all you have to do is open a browser on your phone and enter You will fall in —promise.)

Now, Rose wanted to know more about this ‘Coach’ Ryan was talking about, so she taps on the Follow-up Coach and sees the clients she should touch base with today. She taps one and sees she can send an email, text message and more. Rose decides to send off emails using our templates and makes a few tweaks for personalization.

After sending, she immediately received a response from a past client, and the rest is history.

Before we part, here’s some sage advice from a top agent

Rose knows a thing or two about coaching others—she was recently named RE/MAX’s mentor of the year. Her advice to new agents is to start building a database right away. The conversation usually goes a little something like this:

Rose: “The first thing you should do is build your database.”

New agent: “But I don’t have any clients. Who am I supposed to add?”

Rose: “Your sphere! I didn’t farm an area when I first started. I farmed my gym, and these are some of the best loyal clients I still have today.”

Great advice, and speaking of loyal clients, we’re lucky to have some of the best, loyal customers around. To quote Rose one last time:

Aw, shucks… Thank you, Rose, for your continued loyalty all these years and sharing your story with us. We wish you continued success in your amazing career.

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