The oh-so-simple lead conversion plan

So you’ve got a new lead—congrats! Now all you need to do is build the trust that will convert them into a lifetime, loyal client. Easy right?

Don’t worry… We’ve got a simple lead conversion plan that works. But first here’s a little video with some background from Steve Pacinelli:

Day 1 – within minutes of first contact

If you have their number, contact them within 5 minutes.

Why? You’re still on their mind! You easily achieve top-of-mind awareness, and you won’t have to spend advertising dollars to get it. The average business callback time is 46 hours and 53 minutes (ouch). By that time you can bank on them asking you “Who are you and why are you calling me?”

If you’re using FiveStreet, rest easy. Incoming leads are sent a customized email within 5 minutes and, if you’re part of a team, they’re broadcasted to your team members so they can claim them.

FiveStreet also sends all leads to Top Producer CRM, so you can call, email or text from the Sales Pipeline in Top Producer CRM on your mobile device too (see below).

And once you do that, schedule the next follow-up 2 days from now.

If you called or sent an email or text from Top Producer CRM on your mobile device, we’ll prompt you to do this so you won’t forget.

Lastly, send them a Market Snapshot for their area of interest, and wow them with up-to-the-minute Listing Alerts.

Why? You’ll build trust by sending them pertinent school and neighborhood info—stuff they can’t find online. You’ll effortlessly respond to the “How’s the market” question and rest easy knowing the data is accurate and sourced directly from your MLS.

(All of the above will only take you 10 minutes and the payoff will be huge.)

Day 3

Send an email or make your 2nd qualification call (send a quick text first to see when is a good time). They’ll no doubt be impressed with your consideration and follow-up.

Then, set up a reminder to follow up with them in 4 days. (Again, we prompt you to do this whenever you call, email or text so you don’t have to think about it.)

Day 7

Make qualification call #3. Before you do though, check to see if they’ve viewed their Market Snapshot or any Listing Alerts. If they have, chat about it. If they haven’t, ask if their needs have changed or are looking in a different area.

You can also try to find them on Facebook or Twitter and send a quick message that way.

You get the drift… Obviously the above plan can be tweaked to your liking. This simple recipe will help you deliver the wow effect though. Not only are they impressed with your speedy responses, but you’ve started to gain their trust by sending relevant, knowledgeable info. They are left with the impression that this is the service you’d give throughout the entire home buying/selling process (which you will!). And the best part is that a lot of it is automated so you just have to do the important part—follow up.

To learn more about increasing your conversion rate, give us a shout at 1-800-821-3657. We’d love to help.

Screenshots represent site and mobile applications as of publication date. Site and mobile applications subject to change without notice.