New year, new real estate CRM system

An image of two people shaking hands with a pen and paper underneath them and a miniature house to the side of them.

This new year, take advantage of the real estate CRM system offered by the expert engineers at Top Producer. Our real estate CRM system connects you to your clients with ease and keeps track of all of your client interactions. Your clients want to be recognized as people, not transactions. With our CRM software, you will be able to easily create lasting connections with your clients for present transactions and future transactions as well.

How Our CRM Helps Real Estate Agents

Understanding your client is a huge part of what it takes to build rapport and a relationship throughout the real estate process. With Top Producer, you will find meaningful insights into your client’s world via social media. This feature scours through top social media websites such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter to provide you with contact details like photos, locations, jobs, interests, and more. Having this information can help you warm up your calls and personalize your interactions with interested clients.

CRM integrations as a real estate agent can streamline your workflow. With features such as built-in text and email templates, reports on how the market is doing for both you and your clients to know in a timely manner, all of the information you need is in one place. These reports contain all of the information relative to what your clients are looking for, such as for-sale properties, new listings, price changes, neighborhood trends, and sold data. The Top Producer CRM is integrated with over 150 real estate lead sources and synced with your everyday calendar, contacts, and email.

Keeping clients interested is one of your main priorities as a real estate agent. Our CRM is designed to help agents meet the needs of the modern-day real estate consumer. By creating systems that help build better connections, follow-ups are easy, relevant, and personalized. Our CRM offers a timeline so you can always go back into past interactions and transactions for a continual connection in future business matters.

Trust Top Producer for Your Real Estate CRM

Make your new year’s resolution to be a more interactive and engaging real estate agent with help from Top Producer. Count on our CRM to provide you with the tools you need to continuously succeed in your real estate career. For more information on our products and services, visit, or call us at 1-833-387-1911.