We created a new lead plan for you!

In July of last year, we introduced the Oh-so-simple lead conversion plan—a simple recipe to help you effortlessly convert your online leads.

Today we’ve taken this a step further and actually created the plan for you in Top Producer CRM, so all you need to do is automatically apply it to your incoming leads and you’ll be converting left, right and center.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty about how to set up the rule, here’s a quick refresher of the plan:

Day 1

Days 3, 6 & 7

   > Day 3: You send a qualification email or make a call.

   > Day 6: You get the intel. Have they viewed your Market Snapshot? Have you checked them out on social media yet?

   > Day 7: You make qualification call #3.

Simple, but it’ll help you deliver the wow effect. Not only will they be impressed with your speedy responses, you’ll start to gain trust because you’re sending relevant, knowledgeable info.

Okay, I like it. How do I start using it?

Since we’ve already set up the plan for you, all you need to do is make sure it’s automatically applied when your leads come in. This is a cinch.

1. In Top Producer CRM, go to Calendar > Auto Apply Plan Rules > click Add Rule.

2. Enter a plan name > then select the leads you want to apply the plan to. For example, if you want to apply the plan to all realtor.com leads, select Realtor.com from the Source drop-down list. Lastly, select the plan and that’s it!

One thing to note: There are 2 plans—1 if you use FiveStreet and 1 if you don’t. The only difference is that if you don’t use FiveStreet, we’ll fire off an email on your behalf when you receive the lead.

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoy and happy converting!

Screenshots represent site and mobile applications as of publication date. Site and mobile applications subject to change without notice.