Wait no longer-the anticipated Market Snapshot changes are here!

We just released some Market Snapshot updates and want to give you the inside scoop.

At the center of why we made these changes lies the goldfish. Our average attention span has taken a nosedive to a sad 8 seconds. The almighty goldfish is 9 seconds… Ahem. (We had the fish beat at 12 seconds back in 2000 btw.)

This means you better get the point across in your email marketing within the first few seconds. Otherwise it’ll be trashed. No pressure. (%#@*)

Anyhoo, onwards and upwards. Here’s a recap of the changes…

#1) We redesigned the email template consumers receive when you send them a snapshot.

We did this for 2 main reasons. First, you’ve only got a few seconds to engage them before they hit delete, so the meaningful stats–average days on market and average sale price–are front and center. Second, chances are they’re going to view it on a 4-inch screen, so the new email is short and easy to scan.

Here’s an important tidbit–you’ll only automatically start sending this new template IF you haven’t modified the old one. So to break it down, you’ll fall into one of 3 categories:

  • You haven’t modified the old template. If this is you, you’ll start sending the new beaut above.
  • You’ve modified the old template and are not keen on changing. If this is you, don’t do a thing. You’ll keep sending the old template until you choose otherwise. (Though we think the new one will get you more engagement!)
  • You’ve modified the old template, but want to use the new. If this is you, follow these steps:
    1. In Top Marketer, go to Setup > Market Snapshot Email Text Customization.
    2. Select the Email Type from the drop-down list (“Market Snapshot Ready” for the 1st email; “Market Snapshot Update Ready” for subsequent emails).
    3. Click Reset BUT keep in mind the old template won’t be available once you do!

#2) Consumers can now change the area of their Market Snapshot.

Who doesn’t like power and choice? Put both in their hands and let them set what their Market Snapshot is based on. Less work for you and they’ll enjoy the convenience and self-service.

(If you’re still reading, the goldfish has nothing on you.)

#3) Lastly, we redesigned the header and footer of the Market Snapshot to be similar to Listing Alerts

In closing, there’s not much we can do about our shrinking attention spans (thanks social media). All we can do is adapt, engage and conquer… I mean convert.

Screenshots represent site and mobile applications as of publication date. Site and mobile applications subject to change without notice.