The latest info on Top Producer 8i

This article is designed to keep you informed about the latest Top Producer 8i updates, including the current status of any ongoing issues, what we are doing and what you can do to keep your business operating smoothly. We will keep this article updated as we learn more.  

Action required: Sunset of the Top Producer 8i Inbox by June 1st

Due to changes in technology, the following 8i functionality will be sunset and eventually removed from Top Producer 8i:

  • TP 8i Inbox
  • email addresses
  • Ability to receive email from third-party providers into the Inbox via POP3 or forwarding

Note: This does NOT impact your ability to send individual or mass emails from within 8i.

We are committed to maintaining as much functionality as possible in 8i. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for us to support the 8i email inbox, which uses 15+ year old technology.

For complete details, including what you need to do before June 1st and what other options you have to manage email in Top Producer, see this article.

Intermittent issues in 8i

We are sorry for the disruption caused by the recent issues with Top Producer 8i CRM. We understand that you rely on Top Producer for your business and appreciate your loyalty. Your data integrity and business continuity remain our highest priorities. 

What we know 

  • 8i template data was corrupted during migration-related activities; while troubleshooting, some internal permission settings were also changed  
  • Marketing templates in 8i that were not created or edited in the 40 days prior to January 28th are likely lost and not recoverable. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.
  • No contacts, notes or transactions were corrupted or lost in this incident; they are stored in a separate secure database  
  • Top Producer X CRM was not impacted (with two minor exceptions); Market Snapshot, Top Producer Websites, and FiveStreet were not impacted  

What we are doing about it 

  • We have engaged a third-party expert to audit and (if necessary) fortify our new cloud environment and backup processes   
  • We continue to work actively with our third-party partners and Constellation’s IT team to resolve these issues as quickly as possible 
  • We are committed to maintaining functionality in 8i for as long as possible 
  • We will continue to add content and features to Top Producer X CRM to satisfy current and new users  

What’s impacted 

8i login  If you have an email signature in Top Producer 8i, you might be unable to login temporarily.  

Complete this form and our Customer Care team can resolve this issue for you. 

Lead flow into Top Producer 8i and X using an email address  This has been resolved.
Contact import / export functionality in 8i and X  This has been resolved.
Marketing templates in 8i (emails, email signatures, letters, labels)  Templates in 8i that were not created or edited in the 40 days prior to January 28th are likely lost and not recoverable. Engineers at Microsoft worked 24/7 to assist, but were ultimately unable to recover them. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. 

We highly encourage users to use the newer templates and task plans in Top Producer X CRM. We will be adding additional templates and task plans in the coming weeks.  

Email functionality in 8i (including emails in action plans, email history and mass email)  If you have your email account connected to an external provider, your account should not be affected.  

Some users are experiencing errors sending mass email and accessing the email inbox. We are working to resolve these issues but have no ETA at this time.

Our external vendors have confirmed that any emails in the TP inbox that were not added or edited in the 40 day period before Jan 28 and are not currently visible inside 8i are not recoverable.

We highly encourage users to connect their email account and send email / set up task plans (a.k.a. action plans) in Top Producer X CRM. You will benefit from improved tracking and reduced spam.

Please note that the Top Producer 8i email inbox will be sunset on June 1st, 2022. If you have an email address, please review this article.  

Search, reports, transaction tasks and calendar sync in 8i  Some users are experiencing errors with various areas of Top Producer 8i, including:

  • Search
  • Adding closings 
  • Calendar sync
  • Internal errors related to missing templates

These issues are likely related to missing template data. We are looking for solutions but do not have an ETA at this time. We highly recommend using our next-gen CRM (Top Producer X) in the interim; this is included free in your subscription.  

What you can do 

To ensure we’re assisting as many customers as possible in a quick and efficient manner, we’ve decided to discontinue inbound phone support in lieu of LiveChat and email. We recommend you take the following steps to contact our Customer Care team: 

If you primarily use Top Producer 8i CRM, we highly recommend that you try out Top Producer X:  

  • There is no extra charge for Top Producer X; you can switch back and forth between 8i and X
  • Any contacts you have added in 8i will already be in X 
  • Integrate your MLS to track buyer properties of interest and import data for your transactions 
  • Connect your email account to easily keep track of your email across platforms, and see delivery and opens 
  • Import your closings from 8i and take advantage of improved transaction management with dynamic workflows and commission tracking 
  • Use new features like texting, property insights and customizable pipelines  
  • Create, send and get insights into Market Snapshot reports and listing alerts 
  • And much more 

To get started with Top Producer X, attend a webinar, watch this video or check out these articles.

Answers to FAQs 

“What caused the issues in Top Producer 8i?” 

Following the acquisition of Top Producer on March 1, 2021, we had to separate dozens of systems, recreate numerous integrations, and migrate about 280 servers from a physical data center into the cloud. Each of these projects was highly complex, with a hard deadline. 

You might have experienced a higher-than-normal number of product outages during the migration period. We tried to limit these outages to overnight and low usage hours but weren’t always able to. 

During migration-related activities, 8i marketing templates and messages in the TP Inbox that were not added or edited in the 40 days prior to January 28 were corrupted and permanently lost. Some users have been experiencing errors in 8i since this incident. 

The migration is now complete, and we are working to resolve any outstanding issues in 8i, if possible. We are sorry for any disruption or inconvenience you may have experienced. 

“Can you restore my templates?” 

Despite the best efforts of our team and external partners, any marketing templates or emails that were lost during this migration incident could not be recovered. We are sorry this occurred. 

If you have copies of your templates, please complete this form and our team will help you add them to Top Producer X or 8i. We also are sourcing new marketing content and action plans to add to Top Producer X. 

“When will I stop getting error messages in 8i?” 

Some users are seeing error messages in various parts of 8i, including search, email and closings. These error messages are likely related to missing template data. We are looking for solutions but do not have an ETA at this time.  

Please complete this form and we will notify you if and when we have resolved these issues. We highly recommend using Top Producer X in the interim. 

“Will there be any more 8i outages?” 

As of the end of February 2022, we are now 100% in the cloud and 100% separated from our previous parent company. That means we expect no more migration-related outages. We apologize for the unavoidable outages over the past few months. 

“Why are you sunsetting features in 8i before you add them in X?”  

We sometimes sunset features for technology or security-related reasons; recently, we had to retire some functionality in 8i that was dependent on data or technology at our previous parent company. 

If possible, we add features in Top Producer X CRM or look for alternative solutions before retiring functionality in 8i, but this isn’t always possible (due to time or changes in technology).  

“Is 8i going away?” 

We intend to keep running Top Producer 8i for as long as reasonably possible. Due to the age of the underlying technology, however, there are limitations to what we can fix and replace.  

We encourage all users to try out Top Producer X – it’s free to all CRM users. Top Producer X leverages modern technology, up-to-date features and will continue to evolve with user feedback.  

Consider attending an upcoming webinar to learn more about Top Producer X. 

“Is my data secure?” 

We take integrity seriously and have systems and processes in place to protect your data.   

Unfortunately, some marketing template data and email history were lost during migration-related activities. We sincerely apologize for this one-time event, which occurred under extraordinary circumstances. No contact, task or transaction data was corrupted or lost.  

We have engaged a third-party expert to audit and our new cloud environment and backup processes.   

“Why did you stop inbound phone support?”  

We want to provide our customers with the answers they’re looking for, as quickly and professionally as possible. We’re able to serve 6 times as many customers using live chat and email rather than phone calls. We have reduced wait times for support down to < 1 minute.  

We continue to speak to customers over the phone and use screenshare or video conferencing when it makes sense. 

Thank you for your patience 

Our team is working hard to provide answers and solutions. Thank you for your patience with our frontline support staff; they are doing everything possible to help you.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and will keep this article updated as issues are resolved.