Helping those who make the ultimate sacrifice

When you care more about the people rather than the numbers, it shows. And when your perseverance allows you to continue providing value beyond the deal with consistent, personal touches, you’ve got the ultimate recipe for a thriving repeat & referral business.

And that’s precisely what Karen Butler does to provide exceptional, specialized service to some very deserving heroes.

Here’s her story

Karen is a successful agent with RE/MAX Coastal Properties in Destin, Florida. She's been in the real estate game for 20 years, and has been using Top Producer® CRM for 17 of those years to help her build a successful business.

Before Karen became a Realtor, she was a Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force. A 20-year Gulf War Veteran, she remembers what it was like when she returned to the United States and wanted to buy her first home.

After relocating from Korea to Florida and finding the perfect house, Karen’s offer was accepted. She was delirious with excitement until the other shoe dropped—her agent told her after the documents were signed that she had to be prequalified. Karen spent the next 4 days in her hotel room, petrified and waiting, already under contract and not knowing if she’d qualify. Turns out she did, but no one should have to go through that.

It was because of this very experience that Karen now specializes in military relocation and helping first-time homebuyers.

3 key ways this seasoned Veteran keeps her repeat & referral business thriving

(Pun intended.)

1. Provides exceptional service.

Karen really takes the time to prepare her clients coming in from overseas, and provides care and attention to those that need it most.

She has a 3-hour counseling session with each and every one of her first-time home buyers, and takes the time to not only learn what they want in a property, but also learn their lifestyle and other preferences.

After 3 hours, Karen has all the info she needs and creates a complete profile for them in Top Producer® CRM so she can tailor the experience based on their preferences.

2. Stays in touch with a unique blend of personal and knowledgeable touches.

Karen uses the Mass Email feature to keep in touch with her past clients and sphere. (To access, go to Email > Mass Email in Top Producer® CRM.)

And speaking of Market Snapshot®, this is one of Karen’s favorite ways to stay in touch. There’s no better way to educate a buyer on a particular area, or tell a seller how their investment is performing.

And Karen takes this from 1 touch to 2 by always following up with a call after sending the report. (If you send it from Top Producer® CRM on your mobile device as shown below, we’ll immediately prompt you to schedule a follow-up call.)


Always looking for meaningful reasons to connect, Karen uses the Facebook notification feature to receive text messages when her clients are celebrating birthdays. She also keeps an eye out on Facebook for other meaningful events—graduations, anniversaries—and enters them in to Top Producer® CRM.

Here’s how:

To enter a birthday, just open the contact’s record > click the Contact Details tab > then click beside the Birthday field to enter the date.


(The reminder will show up on the To-dos tab in My Business the number of days in advance you set the reminder for.)

And if you want to enter any other important date, open the contact’s record > then click Add an important date for this contact (shown below).


(You’ll be reminded 7 days before on the Important Dates tab in My Business to do your thing.)

3. Last but not least—mobile by day, laptop by night.

While speaking with Karen about how she uses our products, one thing became clear—she’s entering quick details in to Top Producer® CRM. All. Day. Long.

During the daylight hours, she’s entering stuff on the fly with Top Producer® CRM on her mobile device. From the contact details on the business cards she receives, to texting a new lead and recording the details, she’s putting it all in to Top Producer® CRM.

And when the sun goes down, she’s handling the more detailed stuff in Top Producer® CRM on her laptop. From entering details on first-time homebuyers to signing folks up for Market Snapshot® reports, she’s getting it done in the less interrupted hours of the evening.

To close, I only had 40 minutes with Karen, but it was long enough to make a lasting impression. Karen, your life journey is an inspiring one to say the least. Thank you for your continued support all these years; we are honored to be a part of your process.

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