Here’s where investing in customer experience will get you

Meet Chris, a Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX in North Carolina. Working in a beautiful vacation community in an office just 2 blocks from the beach, Chris is enjoying a successful career with 45 listings currently on the go.

And it only took a few minutes of speaking with him to see how he reached top-producing status—by investing in customer experience.

Here’s how he did it:

  • Sets lofty goals: He tries to list 1 new property a week and sell 1 a week too.
  • Goes the extra mile: And his sellers really appreciate that. The majority are remote, so he’s not only listing their house, he’s a caretaker too.
  • Lives by a strict code of ethics: Chris frequently sells less expensive properties to his clients, and often shows if they’re willing to give up a few things, they’ll be closer to their budget. He prides himself on that, and that he should.
  • Relies on technology to lend a helping hand. From a systematic lead gen process, to effortless follow-up, Chris’ strategy is impressive.

We had the pleasure of meeting Chris at RE/MAX R4 this year. During a Top Producer® session, we encouraged everyone to open up Top Producer® CRM on their mobile device and reach out to someone the Follow-up Coach had bubbled up. Chris did just that. He sent a gentleman a quick email template and boom—he responded right away and is now working with him to find a property. And the best part was all it took was a few taps.

Chris got Top Producer® CRM four years ago to help stay in touch with past clients and leads that aren’t ready to buy/sell just yet. He’s now fine-tuning his well-oiled machine, and from simplistic follow-up, to Market Snapshot® reports that engage new leads and educate past clients, his ducks are all in a row. (In fact, they’re lining up to work with him.)

Effortless follow-up

Each day the Follow-up Coach hand picks 5 clients a day Chris should reach out to. So all he has to do is reach out using one of the super-quick follow-up options.

And after seeing the results of following up just once, Chris was sold and now relies heavily on the Follow-up Coach to keep in touch.

It’s a good thing too because in his market, clients are selling every 2-3 years—not 7 like the national average. But with the Coach in his corner, Chris isn’t stressing:

Value for new leads and past clients

Chris sends Market Snapshot® reports to homeowners to tell them how their biggest investment is performing, and wows potential buyers by telling them what’s going on in their area of interest.

From market stats, to what the neighbor’s house just sold for, to walkability and school ratings, Chris cuts through the noise by sending the stuff consumers really care about.

And doing this with new leads it’s a cinch. All you have to do is flick a switch and any new leads that come in to Top Producer® CRM will automatically be sent a Market Snapshot® report!

Sending them to your past clients is a breeze too. Do it while standing in line for coffee, or in Chris’ case, while walking along the beach.

And the up-to-the-minute listing alerts that accompany the Market Snapshot® report? Chris loves those too:

To close, we want to thank Chris for taking time out of his busy schedule to not only share his story, but some pretty great tips too. We wish him continued success in his career.

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