Use these text message templates to respond to online real estate leads

We recently added merge codes to personalize FiveStreet auto-responses and help you take your real estate lead-response game to the next level. After all, when home buyers submit multiple property inquiries on multiple sites, personal details in the auto-response—which now includes the lead source, name and property address—help jog their memory (and keep you one step ahead of the competition):

 "Hi Pete, I got your inquiry about 123 Main St on®. When is a good time to talk? Sandra Agent." 

So we thought you’d like some text message templates to go with your new personalized auto-responses

Here are a few that are under the 180 character limit, so you can just copy and paste (and tweak to match your sparkling personality if you so choose).

 What’s your timeframe?

Hi <name>, just following up about your <source> inquiry. Any questions about <address>, and when are you looking to move? [agent name]

  Any questions? 

Hi <name>, I received your property inquiry from <source>. Do you have any questions about <address>? Thanks, [agent name]

  When can I call?

Hi <name>, I got your inquiry on <source>. When can I give you a call to discuss <address>? Thanks, [agent name]

  Busy right now

Hi <name>, I saw your <source> inquiry. I’m tied up right now. Can I call you later to discuss <address>? [agent name]

 When can you tour the property?

Hi <name>, I saw your inquiry about <address> on <source>. When are you free to see the property? [agent name]

  Team member will call

Hi <name>, I saw your <source> inquiry about <address>. Is now a good time for my team member to give you a call? Thanks, [agent name]

To use any of these responses, just copy them from above > then, from the main menu in FiveStreet, click Response > then click Customize in the Text Message Responder section. Then you can paste the message and customize to your ♥'s content. 

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