Give your ‘databank’ a tune up

In an interview with Chris Smith, Mark Spain once said "Don’t think of it as a database; think of it as a databank." Good advice indeed, and with spring just around the corner, there’s no better time to dust away the cobwebs and ditch the clutter in your database.

When you think of your database, does a tumbleweed or 2 come to mind? Or is it so unwieldy you’re a little nervous going toe to toe with it?

If you answered yes to either, or it’s somewhere in between, don’t fret. Organizing it is easier (and quicker) than you think.

And to motivate you, we’ll show you how one Top Producer customer went from 0 to 600+ (disorganized) contacts and tamed the beast that was her database. How she dealt with both is nothing short of genius.

Meet Sommer

Sommer Cronck is an agent with RE/MAX Whatcom County in Bellingham, Washington. She’s been in real estate a little over a year, and has been using Top Producer CRM for about ½ that time.

We met Sommer at RE/MAX R4 last month. She won a free year of Top Producer CRM just by attending the training session, using Top Producer CRM on her mobile device and tweeting about it.

Now while Sommer is a follow-up master now, rewind 7 months ago…

She had an empty database. But she used the easiest method of getting her contacts in to Top Producer CRM—she had us do it for her! Sommer had a whole lotta contacts in Office 365, and knowing she could import them in to Top Producer CRM, she called Customer Care to ask a few questions. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

So Sommer effortlessly got her contacts into Top Producer CRM, but all wasn’t right in database land. Yet. She needed to organize her contacts bad and found some help with that from an unexpected source.

What’s amazing at follow-up and database cleanup?

The Follow-up Coach! It wasn’t love at first sight for Sommer though… In fact, it was quite the opposite. Every time Sommer would fire up Top Producer CRM, the Coach would highlight just how disorganized her database really was. Instead of prompting her to follow up with that new lead or past client, the Coach was presenting contacts that desperately needed organization.

Naturally, this made Sommer want to back away from using the Coach at first. But then she realized she could use it to help clean up her database. So, day in and day out, Sommer diligently began organizing the contacts the Coach put in front of her.

She’d take a long hard look at them—did they need to be categorized with a contact type, and should their pipeline status change from ‘new’ to ‘engage’ since she’s connected a couple of times?

Fast forward to present day…

Sommer’s shiny database just may be the most organized on the block. And while she still uses the Coach to organize, she’s now enjoying the fruits of her labor and using the Follow-up Coach to connect with clients she hasn’t spoken to in months. Some are ready to buy soon, and we know it’s just a matter of time before Sommer’s hard work, perseverance and smarts brings her amazing success in her growing career. 

To close, we hope all of you take a page from Sommer’s book and clean up your database a little this spring. And if you find yourself groaning at the prospect of tagging this and organizing that, just remind yourself of the potential lifetime value of just 1 client—that should snap you out of it. (The value may be more or less depending on your market, but trust me when I say it’s substantial.)

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