4 ways to build trust with your clients

It all starts with a simple connection—an inquiry on a property that caught their eye. You arrive early to show the property and impress them with your knowledge.

They liked you from the get-go, so they chose you to be their agent. During the process of helping them find their dream home, you keep their best interests at ?.

When they eventually narrow it down to 2 and ask your opinion, you recommend the lower-priced property on Elm Street. After all, it has everything they want and is just 10 minutes from their desired neighborhood.

And so it begins… The trusted relationship that leads to repeat and referral business for many years to come.

Build trust with your real estate clients

Our latest #reconnect winner knows a thing or 2 about building trust.

Scott Dexter is a successful agent with RE/MAX Fine Properties and has been in real estate for 25 years. He’s been using Top Producer® CRM for over 10 years, has sold over 1000 homes and credits over 50% of his business to repeats and referrals.

From Scott’s email signature:

“Trust starts with honesty.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Here are 4 ways he builds the trust that leads to lasting relationships.

1) Take the time to be present and really listen.

I spoke with Scott for just under an hour about his business and how he uses Top Producer® CRM. And when I hung up the phone, I was smiling. He’s the type of person that makes you feel good. Even his colleagues comment on how people respond to him. They really, really like him.

While clients appreciate Scott’s experience and knowledge about the neighborhood, I suspect that what sets him apart is, through his many years of experience, he’s recognized the importance of taking the time with people. To really be present in the moment, and give people the attention they deserve—that’s the stuff that really matters.

And in this age of limited attention spans and distractions at every turn, you can bet this sets him apart from his competition.

Here are a few tips on how to talk less and listen more:

Tips for effective listening

2) Keep really, really good records.

Scott is a superhero when it comes to building and maintaining a database.

Keep good records in your real estate CRM

But it wasn’t always that way:

“I learned the hard way. I didn’t have a database when I first started. There are people from the beginning of my career I should be contacting, but can’t.”

Knowing just how much a database ups his game when it comes to servicing clients, Scott adds new people to it each and every day.

And with Top Producer® CRM on your mobile device, you can do it on the fly with just a few taps.

Top Producer CRM's Follow-up Coach

Top Producer® CRM then periodically prompts Scott to follow up so contacts don’t slip through the cracks. After he makes a meaningful connection, he records everything he learned in his database. That not only sets him up to provide superior service, it shows he paid close attention too.

Top Producer CRM's Wrap Up feature

And when the deal is done and Scott pops by and they mention they need a plumber or an AC guy, a couple of taps in Top Producer® CRM is all it takes to give them precisely what they need.

(Psst, if you aren’t using Top Producer® CRM on your mobile device yet, check out this video to see how easy it is to bookmark it.)

3) Let your experience speak for itself.

Showcasing your expertise is important, especially when you’re first communicating with prospects, but you don’t need to shout it from the rooftops.

Being the consummate professional that he is, Scott lets the stars speak for themselves.   After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Showcase real estate expertise

Using this tip from Tom Ferry, Scott brilliantly showcases not only his experience, but his expertise in a particular area. In the early stages of building a relationship, usually around the 2nd email, Scott attaches this Google map of the homes he’s sold in the last 10 years.

When the prospect views the map, their trust in his ability begins to grow. Little by little, he lays the foundation that leads to a trusted relationship.

4) Show them you care—before, during and after the deal is done.

To stay top of mind, Scott is constantly reaching out to his clients. He keeps in touch with each and every seller and buyer. (Yep, all 1000 of them.)

Top Producer® CRM’s action plans help Scott keep track of it all, and My Business is the hub that lets him know what to do and when.

Top Producer CRM's Action Plans

“Without Top Producer®, I don’t know what I’d do. When you really think about it, real estate is a contact business. And Top Producer® CRM is a great contact manager.”

Advice for new real estate agents To close, Scott’s sage advice for new agents

Put as many people in your database as you can. Brainstorm who you can add—Bob from the drycleaner, Sara from the gym. Add these people and stay in regular contact because, hey, you never know.

“You have a leg up if you have a database.”

We couldn’t agree more, Scott. Thank you for your continued loyalty all these years. We are happy to be part of your process and wish you continued success.

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