4 steps to earn FSBO listings

You've all met those people – you know, the "DIY" home sellers, the ones who think "how hard can it really be to sell your own home?" Little do they know, many people who attempt to sell their own home (also commonly referred to as a FSBO) end up working with an agent in the end.


Here are a few strategies to help you convince a FSBO to list with you.

Step 1: Know the common hurdles for FSBO sellers

Step 2: Secure an appointment

  • Request to view – You want to find your buyer clients the best home possible, so you want to know ALL of the available inventory in your market. Ask the FSBO seller if you could do a tour of their home to see if it might be a good fit for one of your buyers.

  • The buyer phone call – If you have a buyer in mind, reach out and ask the FSBO for a viewing appointment. If they’re pre-qualified, it’s a good opportunity to remind them that you’re bringing serious buyers—not looky-loos or nosey neighbors. This is not the time to persuade them to list with you though… we’ll get to that!

Step 3: Impress them with your expertise

  • Be prepared – Before the appointment, study their listing ads and offer constructive advice based on your experience. Also, having this information in your back pocket will allow you to better highlight your unique skills, like home staging or professional photography.
  • Share your knowledge – You’re the go-to neighborhood expert, so when you do meet with the FSBO seller, dazzle them with your market knowledge: days on market, comps, what the competition looks like, etc.  And when they start asking questions, listen carefully and offer your advice, without being pushy or giving too much away.
  • Just ask – Bottom line – don’t be afraid to ask for their business. Offer to give them a more comprehensive listing presentation and highlight the services you would provide as their agent. They may say “no” at first, but the longer the house sits on the market, the more inclined a FSBO will be to give you a call.

Step 4: Tailor your follow-up

Provide value in the follow-up! If your FSBO isn’t ready to commit, offer to send them local market updates. They’ll stay up-to-date on the trends in their neighborhood, and you’ll stay top-of-mind.

With Market Snapshot® reports, you can easily send relevant and engaging reports with your branding and data from your MLS. 

But make sure to check in periodically to see how it’s going. If the property sits on the market for a long time or drops in price, someone who said “no” to your services in week one might say “yes” as the weeks go on.

Above all, remember that being overbearing or aggressively chasing these clients likely won’t work. Be patient and highlight the many benefits of working with an expert agent, like yourself. It may take time, but if the home selling process becomes too much for them, your honest and top-of-mind approach could lead them back your way.  

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