Refer often + provide value = unimaginable success

We all know you’ve got to give referrals to receive them. And whether you’re referring another agent or hooking your client up with the best drywaller in town, not only are you referring others, you’re providing value to your clients—a winning combination. And the side effect of all this? A large network of people that will gladly send referrals your way.

Here are a few quick tips to build up your referral network.

1. Stay in touch with your peeps.

Your sphere, past clients—you know, the people that know and love you. They can be your best source for referrals if you keep in touch and show them a little  ?.

And you don’t have to ask them for referrals—just connect with them and provide value. Here are a few ways you can do just that using Top Producer® CRM and Market Snapshot®.

Visit the Follow-up Coach daily.

The Follow-up Coach in Top Producer® CRM will hand pick 5 clients a day you should reach out to. With super quick follow-up options—including our quick email templates—you can blast out a couple between showings or while standing in line for coffee.

Top Producer CRM's Follow-up Coach

Remember their special days.
House anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc. Check out Leah Goldstein’s thoughtful but simple strategy she uses to spread a little ? in the form of gift cards to 50 or more of her clients each month. (Remember—it’s the little things that go a long way in any relationship.)

Send Market Snapshot® reports to everyone and their dog.
Provide value and remind everyone what you do. Tell homeowners how their biggest investment is performing, and potential buyers what’s going on in their area of interest. 

Send Market Snapshot

Show ‘em some love and call a few times a year. 
You want to make a connection, so check their Facebook timeline first and see what’s going on in their world before you pick up the phone.

After you’ve worked your magic on the phone, Top Producer® CRM will immediately prompt you to schedule the next follow-up and record any details so you don’t even have to think about it the next time you connect.

Top Producer CRM's Wrap Up

2. Find like-minded agents in your area and beyond

Perhaps a top-producing agent is too busy and needs to refer a client, or an agent’s client is moving to another area. Whatever the reason, sometimes agents are looking for a trusted referral agent. So having an army of like-minded agents that can send/receive referrals just makes good business sense. Here are a few tips to build that army.

Listings are the perfect intro.
When your clients are looking for properties in other markets, look for listings that match their needs, and then contact the listing agent for more info. You’ll find out a lot about how they work simply by the speed of their response and how they interact with you.

Put yourself out there. 
Network with other agents at industry events and conferences and join Facebook groups. You’ll learn new ideas and strategies, and once you’ve made connections, don’t lose them—keep in touch.

Join an agent referral network. 
Don’t have the time it takes to build and nurture an agent network? Don’t fret—admittedly it can take a lot of time and effort. That’s where established agent referral networks, like Primoagents, can step in to do the work for you. They screen and interview each and every one of their members, and all come recommended by their brokers and peers. Oh, and you get instant visibility with hundreds of members across the country too.

So when a past client you’ve been diligently keeping in touch with—ahem, #1 above—mentions they’re moving to San Francisco, you can recommend a top agent and you won’t miss out on referral commissions from your client base.

3. Show your vendors some love

As an agent you know a lot of people—part of the reason you’ll get hired is because of your vendor network and community expertise. So provide value to your clients by referring trusted professionals and let your vendors know you have their back. Relationship building at its best.

Refer your clients to good contractors, painters and plumbers. 
Homeowners are in the market for home improvement, and you know a qualified professional for just about every job there is. Refer business to your vendors and you’ll get business in return.

Build referral partnerships from your other business relationships.
This includes title companies, mortgage lenders, and other industries like lawyers, architects and other small business owners.


Remember—your connections, sphere of influence and past clients are the financial lifeblood of your business. Take the time to nurture these relationships and you’ll have a whole network just waiting to refer amazing you.

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