10 tips for a recession-resistant business: Part 2

In Part 1 of our series on how to build a recession-resistant business, we outlined the first five strategies shared by Jason Dryburgh, Co-Founder of LOCAL Real Estate Marketers. We focused on making sure your digital presence is in tip-top shape and how to build your brand to become the neighborhood expert—online and in-person.

Now it’s time to dive right into the next five strategies with Part 2 of our recap:

Door knock to get real estate prospects #6. Don’t be afraid to be a door-knocker

Remember, your digital presence shouldn’t replace your face-time in the neighborhood. The key to successful door-knocking is to always lead with value. Bring your mobile device and offer to set them up on a Market Snapshot® report. From local market stats, to what the neighbor’s house just sold for, to walkability and school info, you’ll be providing the info consumers really care about. Not only are Market Snapshot® reports an effortless and effective way to provide targeted and personalized content, the click-through rates are through the roof. (Click-through rate just means they clicked through to view your stuff. And not to brag, but compare 13%+ to an industry average of just 1.91%.1 ??)

Automate real estate processes  #7. Automate when you can

Part of being the go-to neighborhood expert is in the follow-up and when you use automation to your benefit —the follow-up can be easy. Leverage market reports and insights to bring value even when you’re not physically present. With the right tools, you can automate market reports to auto-send to your contacts with ease.

Demonstrate your unique value as a real estate agent #8. Demonstrate your unique value

What really makes you better than the next guy? Differentiate your areas of value. Do you offer special marketing for your listings? Do you provide other services like staging? Is your sales-to-list percentage vastly better than other agents?

Whether you’re marketing to buyers or sellers, find your sweet spot and market that differentiation to your sphere and prospects.

Protect work and life balance   #9. Protect your work/life balance

Part of creating a great work/life balance is setting expectations with your clients. Do you work certain days and hours? Are you available via text or phone after hours? From there, it’s about using technology to your benefit. Leverage tools and systems like Top Producer® CRM to help with your administrative and marketing tasks so you can focus on the other functions that are critical to your business—and life!  

Outsource to help with busy real estate career #10. Outsource your weaknesses

No one is a rockstar at everything! When you’re trying to balance a boots-on-the-ground neighborhood strategy, a digital presence and all the other administrative tasks that come with running your real estate business, it’s in your best interest to focus on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. Find experts to help you or tools and systems that can make the techy stuff easier.

1 MailChimp Email Marketing Benchmarks and Internal Metrics

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