30 Day Plan for Spring Listings – Guide (2022)

Want more Spring listings? Try the 30 day plan!

It’s listing season. Act now to ensure past clients and database contacts listing with you!

May is the best month to sell a home, according to an analysis of 14.7 million home sales, “Home for sale” signs are popping up like flowers all over the country.

We’ve worked with thousands of successful agents, and they often tell us the same thing – repeats and referrals are the lifeline of their business. You might think you’ve beaten your database to a pulp, or maybe your contacts have been gathering dust for months. It’s not too late to put this plan into action.

The goal is to overhaul your client experience and create a shorter turnaround time to find clients interested in buying and selling this spring.

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Week 1 | Get Fresh Soil

Interested prospects check out your online resources before calling you. Make sure your online sites are modern and capable of nurturing leads at every opportunity.

  1. Website and social media – Update HD photos, headshots, and methods of contact
  2. Rebuild your brand – Why do people choose you? Make it clear!
  3. Lead capture forms – “What’s My Home Worth?” is the #1 question people ask
  4. Speedy service – Set up text lead notifications, automatic replies and home evaluations
  5. Modern CRM – Make sure you have an intuitive CRM that reminds you before contacts slip away

30 day plan

Week 2 | Plant the Seeds

Provoke thoughts about selling and start providing home evaluations.
You’ll need to acquire more addresses and implement an email system
to get the evaluations sent!

  1. Mass Email – Ensure you can send mass emails (50+) that include the client’s first name
  2. Email Signature – Include a hyperlink to the market, social links, and a request for referrals
  3. Missing addresses – Every contact in your CRM should have an address! Tackle these by offering a home evaluation tool they can use on mobile
  4. Post to social channels – Introduce a NEW listing/sold service and offer early sign up
  5. Evaluations – Pull your list of addresses and emails, then send a spring home evaluation

Week 3 | Water the Sprouts

Not many seeds grow without care. Pay close attention to your last 6 months of contacts, and people who opened your recent emails or shopped with your
market tool.

  1. Start Calling – Review engagement rates on your market reports and
    offer appointments
  2. Objection Handling – If not interested, ask if they know anyone looking this spring Storytelling – Share a positive story online of how you helped a client beat the market
  3. Open House – Doesn’t have to be yours! Book a date where people can find you

grow real estate crm

Week 4 | Pick Your flowers

Hard work and outreach has opportunity knocking. Track price requests, open rates and repeated engagement to target your last appointments.

  1. Share your growing database of interested buyers and sellers in their area
  2. Display your marketing features – listing tool, social channels and personal website


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