12 tips and best practices for real estate agents to succeed in 2022

A new year brings a fresh start and new opportunities. And while many of you have already set lofty goals to succeed in real estate in 2022, it’s the small daily habits we commit to—the things we do day in and day out—that can ultimately determine whether we’ll be successful in business and in life.  

Here are some tried-and-tested tips to help you achieve your goals in 2022 and provide superior service to your clients before, during and after a transaction. 

12 habits to help you succeed in real estate 

#1 – Keep really good records 

Digitally-accessible records help you provide first-class service.  

Every time you meet someone, put them in your CRM 

Enter important dates—property anniversaries, birthdays, etc—so you can reach out on the day of 

Whenever you speak with a client, record details by entering notes 

#2 – Never skip on critical follow-ups 

Spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day on follow-up & use your CRM to prioritize and automate:  

Do your daily 5 in the Follow-up Coach 

Use the Follow-up Coach in Top Producer to help succeed in real estate

Sign a couple of contacts up to receive a Market Snapshot® report 

Set reminders for buckets of contacts & reach out 

 #3 – Get a Lead Management System  

Use your CRM to help you: 

Consolidate your leads 

Make meaningful connections with social media insights 

Use social media insights in Top Producer to help you succeed in real estate

Consistently follow up 

Record details & move them through your pipeline 

#4 – Relentless follow-up with new leads 

Consistent communication using various methods is critical the first few days with a lead:  

Real estate lead follow-up plan

#5 – Don’t let your past clients forget you 

Let your CRM help automate these touchpoints: 

Past client follow-up plan for a real estate agent

#6 – Remind your sphere what you do for a living 

Once a quarter, check in and say hi:  

Things to talk about with your sphere of influence

#7 – Segment your database to market effectively 

Tag your contacts to keep track of:  

Who they are: Buyer, seller, sphere, etc 

Their interests: Market your listing on the golf course to the right people & stay in touch with relevant content 

Geography: Keep track of the areas they like to make your marketing more relevant 

#8 – Use technology to warm up your cold calls 

Learn about them before you call: Use social media insights to make meaningful connections. If you think about it, is a cold call really cold if before you call you know they:  

Are a pilot

  Play golf

Have kids that go to the same school as yours

Viewed your market report 3 times

Connect email marketing to your phone call prospecting: Follow up an email with a call a day or two later 

Warm them up with an email: Use the intel to see if they’ve opened it prior to calling 

#9 – Categorize your buyers so you know who to focus on 

Buyer categorization:  

A: Ready to put in an offer within 3 months & have pre-approval 

B: Same as ’A’ but not pre-approved 

C: Looking to put in an offer in 3-6 months 

D: Looking to put in an offer in 6 months or later 

#10 – Prioritize sellers to boost your sales 

Seller categorization:  

A: Referred you 2 or more times in a year 

B: Referred you to at least 1 person 

C: Would refer if the opportunity came up, but hasn’t yet 

D: An indifferent past client 

#11 – Send content that shows off your expertise 

A quality market report works for all stages of the client lifecycle:  

Market reports that work for all stages of the real estate client lifecycle

#12 – Remember the 3 ingredients to succeed in real estate for the long-term 

Every quarter review & ensure you’re not forgetting the 3-step recipe for success:  

Build your database: Make your sales calls, provide value when networking & capture leads online 

Impress your current clients: Record everything in your CRM & invest time in post-sale follow-up 

Nurture past clients & sphere: Send relevant content, be consistent & schedule your business 


Implement some of these habits into your daily routine and you’ll reap the benefits in the future!