6 Ways To Increase Your Real Estate Lead Conversion – Guide (2022)

Competition for real estate leads is hotter than ever. Top agents understand the importance of the first few minutes with a lead, and how speed-to-lead can determine your conversion rate. After the initial conversation though, you need a simple process in place to follow up consistently, build relationships and increase your conversion rate. Here’s a look at 6 proven tips being implemented by some of today’s top-producing agents and brokers.

6 Ways To Increase your Conversion

Be as Tech-Savvy as Your Prospects

50% of home buyers conduct their home searches on their mobile devices*. Make sure your real estate website will render property for their viewing on mobile. If not, your chances of connecting with that lead become slimmer, as you’re asking your prospects to make more of an effort to contact you. Additionally, pay attention to their preferred contact method (text, email or phone). If a prospect sends a text message for information on a property, respond with that same method.
* NAR 2020 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Send fast, personal responses to every real estate lead.

To establish a client connection and begin building a relationship, it’s vital to respond to incoming leads as promptly as possible. When you respond quickly, the prospect’s questions are fresh on their mind and they are likely still on their computer or mobile device and can answer your call/email. What’s more, prospects are looking for immediate gratification; as such, they are likely filling out other inquiry forms while they wait to hear from you. Who will be the first to respond?
And while a fast response is great, a PERSONAL response is even better, so if you’re using automated responses that allow merge codes, prospects are more likely to connect with you.

Example:  “Hi Jane, I got your inquiry about 123 Main St on realtor.com. When is a good time to talk?” – Johnny Agent.

Build Rapport Through Valuable Information

Another way to warm up leads and begin building a relationship is to provide the valuable, real-time information that prospects are looking for. This not only answers their questions, but also helps to establish you as a trusted professional in their neighborhood of interest.

Whether you’re providing regular blog content on local hotspots and activities, sending Market Snapshot® reports filled with accurate local statistics direct from your MLS, or sending a monthly email newsletter, make sure you’re providing value. No one needs another reminder to set back their clocks, but they do want to know the trends and stats in their neighborhood.

Update Regularly 
Stale content can be a huge turnoff for potential clients.

Update Regularly

Stale content can be a huge turnoff for potential clients. Not only does it make you look out of date, it means they need to search for more valuable content elsewhere. Make sure you’re updating your website, blog and email content regularly to ensure you’re not only providing the best, most
timely information – but that you’re also establishing yourself as the neighborhood expert.

When in Doubt, Try Again

An average of 52 touch points need to take place from the first inquiry to closing on a home*. That’s a lot of touch points. In fact, lack of effective follow-up is one of the biggest struggles for agents and brokers. Keep in contact with your prospects and clients. Ask them if they’d like to subscribe to your newsletter, if they’d like to receive monthly statistic and trend reports, etc.

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6 Ways To Increase Your Real Estate Lead Conversion