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5 BEST real estate scripts every agent needs

A real estate script is a pre-planned phone or text conversation designed to establish a connection with a possible buyer or seller. While you no doubt are a gifted conversationalist, having a solid real estate script in your back pocket gives you the confidence needed to establish a connection and achieve more results. So we’ve


5 must-have integrations for your real estate CRM

Connecting your real estate CRM to the other programs and apps you use daily just makes life easier. Integrations can simplify your processes, eliminate the need for switching between programs, and save you valuable time so you can focus on what really matters—building relationships and servicing your clients. Here are 5 must-have integrations for your


3 habits of successful real estate agents

While setting lofty goals plays a role in achieving success, it’s the small daily habits we commit to—the things we do day in and day out—that can ultimately determine whether we’ll be successful. After working with many successful real estate agents over the years, we’ve noticed some daily habits they all have in common. Here