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Danny-FreemanAbsolutely love the CRM system. It’s actually easier to use and schedule follow-ups on the fly than being at a computer. I use it constantly on my iPhone and iPad. Amazing is all I can say.

Danny Freeman

Jimmy-DuggerWe have used Realtor.com® for years but these new programs they have for generating listing leads has been great . Since the new program, we have received 11 new listings and of those new listings 2 of them have contracts on them.  It has been very successful and we love the fact that realtor.com® and Top Producer® are together, as we have been using Top Producer® for over 10 years to manage our leads .

Jimmy D Dugger

Ricardo-TorresIt is such a great software to keep in touch with clients and prospects! We are closing at least one or two transactions per month using this software.

Ricardo Torres

Lois-ShawI have enjoyed my Top Producer® since 1991. It has been so easy to keep up with my client/customers all these year. I always placed their important dates in my database and was reminded each day of their special dates. I was the top producer agent for many years with the help of my Top Producer database.

Lois Shaw

Gregory-MotonI have been with Top Producer for a couple of years now. Not only do I think the CRM is the BEST on the market, but just when I think what else can these guys do to embarrass the competition, they introduce what I think is a FANTASTIC NEW PRODUCT! This new follow-up coach is the best thing I have ever seen in a CRM! This is why Top Producer remains #1. Keep up the good work!

Gregory Moton

Peg-PopkenI started with Top Producer® at least 11 years ago. My life is run by Top Producer and I cannot imagine doing real estate without it . The fact that it is integrated into realtor.com® is even better. My 2 biggest sale came as a direct result of realtor.com® and it is one site of choice for friends and family when they move.

Peg Popken

Michael EastonI’ve been a Top Producer user since the beginning and it has helped me immeasurably. The difference between 3 X 5 cards and Top Producer CRM can be measured in “Light Years”. The latest improvement will help me maintain a “smooth” relationship with my customers.

Michael Easton

Tim-PfannenstielI have been selling real estate in the Denver area for over 30 years, and have been using Top Producer for the last 10. The system has always been extremely helpful in keeping in touch with my past clients and the new “Follow Up Coach” has me more excited than ever. Being in the business as long as I have, it is difficult to keep in touch with the numerous contacts you develop. The “Follow Up Coach” will make this process more streamlined and effective.

Tim Pfannenstiel

Gwen-DorseyI am so excited about how easy it is to use and implement the tools and systems of Top Producer. This software is the answer to all of the database questions and solutions I’ve been looking for. I have increased my business from one closing a month to a closing a week! It’s like having an online secretary! I simply love Top Producer!!

Gwen Dorsey

Desmond-MeadeThe Top Producer follow-up coach is a great follow up feature that will keep me organized and on track with my clients.

Desmond Meade

Jo-Ann-McLellanTop Producer has so much going for it over other CRM products. Cannot wait for the 5 daily calls management system!!

Jo Ann McLellan

Bill-CenkOperating one of the largest real estate teams in the country can be challenging, particularly when there are thousands of past and present clients and leads to stay in touch with on a regular basis. Top Producer is our solution! We make extensive use of our 20,000-contact database, action plans, and calendar functions to keep our clients and our entire team on task and on schedule. Top Producer delivers an exceptional product that has become indispensable to our business!

Bill Cenk

Ken-WilliamsI have owned Top Producer for many years. The folks at Top Producer have always been so friendly and helpful. My Real Estate business is always evolving, and Top Producer always keeps up.

Ken Williams

M-Carmen-DonaldsonI have been using Top Producer since I began my real estate career. I come from a data processing background and I love the power of the search feature. Top Producer is always on the cutting edge of technology, continually adding features that I can really use to manage my 3000+ database. I couldn’t do it any other way. Thanks Top Producer for this great program!

M Carmen Donaldson

Jeanne-&-Bruce-NemovitzMy husband and I have been using Top Producer for over 30 years now. This has been the key foundation of building our business and has never let us down. The immediate service we receive when calling in with questions/problems is immeasurable when you are in the middle of a project. We’ve been asked many times over the years to change to different management programs but as far as we’re concerned there’s not another one out there that can compete with Top Producer!

Jeanne Nemovitz

Antonio SanchezSince I started using Top Producer, my business has tripled in the last 3 months and I have only been an agent for 9 months. I am grateful for Top Producer CRM and it is a vital part of my business.

Antonio Sanchez

Charles RobbinsI started in the real estate industry just over 7 months ago. I had no real way of keeping my contacts organized for follow-ups, until I was introduced to Top Producer. I started using the CRM in my business to track and follow-up with potential and current customers. Within 4 months, I sold 1.4 million dollars in homes and now, I’m receiving referrals on a daily basis.

Charles Robbins

Gergen RobinsonAs a new Agent, I wanted to start my business right. I know keeping contact with my prospects and track of where I am in any given transaction is important. It was something I wanted to establish from the start and not have to redo multiple times down the road. I tried 3 other online services and in the end, TopProducer and its support network has given me the best and most intuitive tools to help my business succeed. I’d like to thank the TopProducer Staff for all the help and look forward to great success. My Best – Gergen

Gergen Robinson

Alex BuffaliniThis new mobile CRM is AMAZING! I love the follow-up feature and how I finish a call and it will ask me how the call was and when I would like to follow-up. This CRM is running my business and my personal business. It truly works as it should!

Alex Buffalini

Anne BergmanI have been trying to locate a successful marketing plan for my real estate business for the past couple of years. After aligning myself with some “budget” approaches, I was hesitant commit to another company. I finally jumped in with a Top Producer package, after receiving a phone call from one of their representatives. He pointed me towards a package that assisted me with all my marketing and management needs. He addressed all my concerns with a no pressure approach. I do not know why I waited so long to come on board with Top Producer, as I should have done so from the get-go. The support has been incredible – from all aspects of my package. My online presence is now truly professional and complete, and I am so appreciative of their customer service representatives. Building my brand is key in securing my future success as an agent, and I am glad I’ve got this program and its support to ensure the logistical side of it.

Anne Bergman

donn-zyne;I took the 100 Market Snapshot Challenge! Every one of my clients I spoke to about this was very impressed & pleased with it. Not only did they look at what was being sent; I now have new potential buyers from the “Just Listed” information. Sellers also looked at what closed sales were doing in their geographical area, helping me with price adjustments in some cases. For those new clients, its a great way to introduce yourself as the marketing expert in their area. The Market Snapshot displays the percentage rates that help clients visually see the real estate trends, a fantastic tool for buyers and sellers. They appreciate it, and what a great way to keep my name in front of them. In our age of information, Market Snapshot is a must have for realtors looking to expand their businesses.

Donna Zynel

George-BellevilleI just signed a $500,000 listing because of Market Snapshot. It has been almost a year since our first contact and of the 5 agents they interviewed during this period, I was the only one who “stayed in touch”. With 10 Market Snapshot reports later, listing signed!

George Belleville

Mark-JacobsTop Producer has been key to building my real estate business. I can not imagine running my business without it. Top producer allowed me to increase my business year over year for the last 14 years. In my book, Top Producer, is the best CRM on the market. The new Market Snapshot just blows my clients away. It allows me to deliver high quality content automatically to our entire database. We also use it to generate new leads and keep our sales pipeline full of both buyers and sellers. Market Snapshot is a must have in my book!

Mark Jacobs

Cynthia-HashI love Market Snapshot & Connector. Cutting edge. Kept my sales pipeline in the know.

Cynthia Hash

Julia-BraddyMarket Snapshot is a fantastic program, every Realtor should make use of. It keeps my customers up-to-date on what is happening. I highly recommend Market Snapshot.

Julia Braddy

Dave-HarbisonFor a number of years, I’ve been searching for a way to keep in touch with my past clients, current clients and prospects (both sellers and buyers) in a professional way while providing informative, relevant information that is easy to navigate. Market Snapshot is that tool. I’ve used it for everything from Open Houses (able to easily capture information from people and less intrusive), Craigslist advertising, a widget on my website and postcards to my listing presentation. It’s great. I can’t imagine not using Market Snapshot. It’s a conversation starter and a great way to position me as an expert in my market and neighborhood.

Dave Harbison

Andrea-McIntyreThe Market Snapshot has been a tremendous asset to my business and contacts. Not only does it help me keep in touch with past clients (keeping them informed on the home values for their recent purchase) but it provides valuable information to buyer outside of my area in regards to market values and activities. It is difficult for many buyers to understand the shift of a buyers market to a sellers market. The Market Snapshot exposes the change and prepares my buyers with a better understanding.

Andrea McIntyre

Rob-HamiltonWe have been using Market Snapshot for about two years now and the system is great. We knew there were other products that were cheaper or even free but none had the intuitive interface and technology behind them like Market Snapshot does. It is a great way to stay in touch automatically with past clients, sign up new clients, neighborhoods, etc. We are having a lot of fun with it and it has turned into a few deals for us already. Thanks!

Rob Hamilton

ericThe Kate Christiansen Group in Santa Clarita not only doubled the volume of captured leads but also increased quality of leads whilst starting them on a branded drip campaign with Market Snapshot.  The BrightOpen combined with Market Snapshot has increased our leads two fold at our open houses. Not only do we have more leads, but the quality and engagement of the leads has increased. The leads are sent to our Top Producer ‘Sales Pipeline’, enabling us to easily track new leads, while not letting any ‘slip through the cracks’. Now our agents are able to give something of value in the form of Market Snaphot. Our agents love it- I love it- it rocks!

Eric Christiansen

Kathy-JacksonI’ve had some success with FiveStreet. I currently have a buyer for one of my listings that responded to a FiveStreet text. I also currently have 3 buyers that I am working with that responded to either emails or texts sent from FiveStreet. I love the program because it responds when I can’t.

Kathy Jackson

Roger-WebbSince using the Fivestreet program along with the Connection lead generation program, I have captured 3 of 5 leads in the first 2 weeks and have 3 under contract right now! Over 600k in purchase transcations in less than 2 weeks. Fivestreet makes a HUGE difference in this programs success! Just picked up a lead today and the lady has 2 homes to sell and one to buy. Great leads with great response system in place with Fivestreet.

Roger Webb

Hans-WydlerBefore FiveStreet, my team hated online leads, so response times were slow. Now, my agents dive for the phone when a lead arrives.

Hans Wydler

Jason-Townsend“With FiveStreet, I can be sure that I get my money’s worth from online leads. I’m actually thinking of increasing my online spending budget.”

Jason Townsend

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