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Over 10 years ago I switched to Top Producer and have not looked back. To date, over 1156 families have been helped by my team and me in buying, selling, investing and learning about real estate trends and opportunities. This system, once incorporated into a company culture, will allow agents to stay in touch with past clients, build future prospects and keep all vendors up to date on your efforts. Tie that in with Market Snapshot, landing pages and Facebook pages (of which I got a new buyer this morning!) Top Producer allows me to manage marketing, contacts, transactions, and follow up activities. Results? I have worked in real estate since 1997, full time, all the time and stayed busy during the 2007 crash because of the systems and tools and training that the Top Producer people bring to the table.

Jerry Cook Riverside Real Estate Professionals November 25, 2016

Jerry Cook

Absolutely love the CRM system. It’s actually easier to use and schedule follow-ups on the fly than being at a computer. I use it constantly on my iPhone and iPad. Amazing is all I can say.

Danny Freeman Crye Leike Realtors October 28, 2014

Danny Freeman

We have used realtor.com® for years but these new programs they have for generating listing leads has been great. Since the new program, we have received 11 new listings and of those new listings 2 of them have contracts on them.  It has been very successful and we love the fact that realtor.com® and Top Producer® are together, as we have been using Top Producer® for over 10 years to manage our leads .

Beverly Smith for Jimmy D Dugger Crye-leike Realtors August 1, 2014

Jimmy D Dugger

It is such a great software to keep in touch with clients and prospects! We are closing at least one or two transactions per month using this software.

Ricardo Torres National Realty Guild November 23, 2013

Ricardo Torres

I have enjoyed my Top Producer® since 1991. It has been so easy to keep up with my client/customers all these year. I always placed their important dates in my database and was reminded each day of their special dates. I was the top producer agent for many years with the help of my Top Producer database.

Lois Shaw The Dieter Company September 6, 2013

Lois Shaw

I started with Top Producer® at least 11 years ago. My life is run by Top Producer and I cannot imagine doing real estate without it . The fact that it is integrated into realtor.com® is even better. My 2 biggest salse came as a direct result of realtor.com® and it is one site of choice for friends and family when they move.

Peg Popken American Dream Realty August 22, 2013

Peg Popken

I’ve been a Top Producer user since the beginning and it has helped me immeasurably. The difference between 3 X 5 cards and Top Producer CRM can be measured in “Light Years”. The latest improvement will help me maintain a “smooth” relationship with my customers.

Michael Easton RealFi August 15, 2013

Michael Easton

I love Market Snapshot & Connector. Cutting edge. Kept my sales pipeline in the know.

Cynthia Hash Keller Williams Realty July 26, 2013

Cynthia Hash

The Market Snapshot has been a tremendous asset to my business and contacts. Not only does it help me keep in touch with past clients (keeping them informed on the home values for their recent purchase) but it provides valuable information to buyer outside of my area in regards to market values and activities. It is difficult for many buyers to understand the shift of a buyers market to a sellers market. The Market Snapshot exposes the change and prepares my buyers with a better understanding.

Andrea McIntyre Windermere Real Estate April 4, 2013

Andrea McIntyre

For a number of years, I’ve been searching for a way to keep in touch with my past clients, current clients and prospects (both sellers and buyers) in a professional way while providing informative, relevant information that is easy to navigate. Market Snapshot is that tool. I’ve used it for everything from Open Houses (able to easily capture information from people and less intrusive), Craigslist advertising, a widget on my website and postcards to my listing presentation. It’s great. I can’t imagine not using Market Snapshot. It’s a conversation starter and a great way to position me as an expert in my market and neighborhood.

Dave Harbison Main Street Realtors April 3, 2013

Dave Harbison
Kathy Jackson

I’ve had some success with FiveStreet. I currently have a buyer for one of my listings that responded to a FiveStreet text. I also currently have 3 buyers that I am working with that responded to either emails or texts sent from FiveStreet. I love the program because it responds when I can’t.

Kathy Jackson RE/MAX Midwest Real Estate Group July 28, 2015

Kathy Jackson

Since using the FiveStreet program along with the Connection lead generation program, I have captured 3 of 5 leads in the first 2 weeks and have 3 under contract right now! Over $600k in purchase transactions in less than 2 weeks. FiveStreet makes a HUGE difference in this program’s success! Just picked up a lead today and the lady has 2 homes to sell and one to buy. Great leads with great response system in place with FiveStreet.

Roger Webb Webb Real Estate Services Incorporated October 23, 2014

Roger Webb

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