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So you’re perusing the latest adventures of Sophie on Facebook (her life is exciting!). You wonder why you haven’t added her to your contact list in Top Producer CRM yet. After all, you’re already “friends”. And the latest LinkedIn update reveals that Charlie just added another skill to his repertoire. He is a talented guy… Do I have him in my list of contacts?

With a single click, you can do just that. Quicklead Clipper provides a super-easy way to get your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts into Top Producer CRM. It’s easy and it’s free (with your Top Producer CRM subscription). So what’s the catch? There isn’t one—except you need to use Google Chrome (if you call that a catch—it’s free too, remember?).

All you  need to do is, using Google Chrome, go to the Chrome web store (//chrome.google.com/webstore/category/apps) and search for Quicklead.

Once you do that and enter your username, you’ll see this little gem in the top right whenever you’re browsing in Chrome.

So whenever you see a prospect, if using LinkedIn, click Contact Info then click Quicklead.

If using Facebook, click the About tab first, then click Quicklead.

Once you do that, they’ll be in Top Producer CRM waiting for your mad skills to wow them.

Did we mention that you can also add a lead on the fly? You don’t have to be using Facebook or LinkedIn. Just click the Quicklead icon and enter the key details. They’ll be waiting for you too.

Happy prospecting!

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