6 ways to turbocharge Market Snapshot

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Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to finding info these days, so you purchased Market Snapshot to effortlessly give them what simple web searches won’t.

It was a good move, and whether you’re rocking the numbers or Market Snapshot isn’t giving you the results you want, there are 6 super easy ways to give Market Snapshot a boost. And when you do, you can switch on cruise control and sit back while you become the neighborhood expert.

1. Set it up.

It’s obvious, but sometimes finding the time to set up a new product can be a challenge. Think about it though—you invested your hard-earned money in the product, so why not take the 20 minutes you need to set it up? Market Snapshot can’t work its magic until you do.

3 steps

It only takes 3 easy steps, and when you’re done, Market Snapshot will do all the work for you. If you need help, call us (1-800-830-8300). We’d love to help.

2. Keep it simple.

You may be trying to use all the functionality at once. Rome wasn’t built in a day… Keep it simple and focus on where you’ll get the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Start by sending snapshots and alerts to a few of your leads and closest clients. All of the other stuff–adding widgets, sending it to your social networks, using it at open houses–can wait.

For a super quick way to get your clients on board, check out Quick Snapshot. You can send out a snapshot in less than 2 minutes.

Quick Snapshot

3. Send more snapshots.

What’s with the finger pointing? Trust us—that’s not our intention, but not sending enough snapshots is the most common reason for not getting the results you so deserve. Market Snapshot isn’t just for your leads and active buyers and sellers, it’s for your past clients and sphere too.

Here’s a simple recipe for success.

Snapshot lead lifecycle

We all hate to hear it, but if you set aside 20-30 minutes a week to sign your clients up for snapshots, you’ll reap the benefits in the future.

Here are a couple of stats* to think about as you slot time in your busy schedule:

 Only 12% of consumers used the same agent. (Ouch.)

 48% of consumers found their agent through a referral.

 *Source: The NAR 2013 survey of buyers and sellers.

With Market Snapshot you’ll stay top of mind, which will not only lead to repeat business, but testimonials and referrals too.

4. Tailor your Market Snapshots.

Not only do you want to send as many snapshots as you can, but you want to make sure they’re as relevant as possible.

Okay, so you don’t know everything about everyone, but you have knowledge about many of your clients, so use it!

This is so important we wrote a quick post on the subject, and with just 3 easy steps, you’ll send content that’s going to resonate with your clients.

5. Capitalize on touchpoints.

You have the intel. You know who’s viewing the reports, who your most engaged clients are, and who’s unsubscribing. Anytime an action is taken, it’s an opportunity for you to reach out. Ask if they want info for another neighborhood or if they need help interpreting the report.

Snapshot summary report

This is your opportunity to give them what no web site can offer—your wisdom and expertise. Consumers need the confidence a professional can give them when going through the buying or selling process.

6. Take advantage of the integration with Top Producer CRM.

If you use Top Producer CRM too, you may think it’s a lot of work to have to manage Market Snapshot in 2 places. Au contraire… Market Snapshot integrates seamlessly with Top Producer CRM. Once you’ve linked your account, all of your Market Snapshot functionality is available in your CRM too. How convenient.

Check it out on your mobile device:

On mobile

And on your desktop computer too:

On desktop

In closing, just because you send amazing content, doesn’t mean everyone will read it. Like leads, you can’t convert all of them. If you stick with it though, you will have clients that engage with the meaningful content you send, and no content is more relevant than the Market Snapshot.

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  • Phil Roth

    In my area towns are very small so buyers are often searching multiple zip codes. It would be extremely helpful if in the search results the town or zip code could be displayed as well the street address.

    • crodgers

      Thanks for your suggestion, Phil! It’s a good one! I’ve passed it on to our Product group for review.

  • John Carroll

    Using the system for the first time in years and really enjoying the results. The Market Snapshot is a great tool combined with a text to the client that it just went out to them…they don’t just let it sit in their inbox. “Hey Bill its John Carroll just wanted to let you know I just sent a Market Snapshot via email. It details all the real estate activity in your area. Hope you like it and if you have any family or friends that would like one for their home just let me know.”

  • Anonymous

    Im excited to get this implemented this week. Most of my pc and coi have a great connection with me but there are so many to still reel in closer. This is a super tool.

  • Robynne wHitaker

    Is there a way to set defaults so prospects can sign up and get snapshots just with an email addess? Providing a street address has proved a stumbling block. I have received many incomplete signups. I’d rather send keep in touch with someone who provides only an email address than not!

    • crodgers

      Hi Robynne, there is no way to sign up for a Market Snapshot with just an email address. At minimum, a zip code is required for buyer snapshots, while a complete address is required for seller snapshots.

      While keeping in touch with the folks that only provide an email address would be useful, without knowing their area of interest or subject property, we can’t tailor a report that would be of interest.



  • Dennis King

    Great information. I will dedicate my time to having all my clients enrolled by end of the month and adjust some that I have in system already!

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