Exporting contacts out of your CRM just got simpler

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Alright, so it’s a small release with a few tiny updates, but like all good relationships, you asked—we listened. Here are 3 quick tweaks we made to make your life a little simpler.

First up, you’ve been asking for more export options for a while. “I don’t need to export every little detail I’ve gathered since 1986. I just need their names and addresses so I can finish my awesome mailing campaign!” Fair enough, so we added 3 new export options for you:

Export contacts

(Psst, if you’re looking to export your contacts and can’t find it, go to Contacts > Search for Contacts. Once you perform your search, you’ll see the Export Contacts option at the bottom.)


And these 2 tweaks just made good sense…

You know the Follow-up Coach rocks. Following up with your daily 5 is almost too easy, yet the payoff is huge. Let’s be honest though—you don’t particularly care that you haven’t followed up with your inactive contact for 60 days, do you? Nope, so the Coach won’t tell you about your inactives anymore.

Follow-up Coach

And while you don’t particularly want to be prompted to reach out to your inactive contacts, they should be included in your pipeline report, no? That way you get a well-rounded, clear picture of your pipeline (and no status is left out).

Pipeline report

That’s it for now, but keep the feedback coming. And in the meantime, be sure to check out the 4 simple steps we laid out for you so you get the most out of Top Producer CRM. (Psst, we didn’t just do this for the new folks—it’s for you seasoned veterans too!)

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  • Dallas Green

    I’ve been a Top Producer user for over 8 years and I always scratched my head as to why it took a masters degree in computer programming and hours of my time to get a mailing list to export.

    It’s not like I sat quietly on this issue, I called TP support years ago on it but got the old, “it’s just the way it is” story. Good grief. FINALLY!

    There have been some really good updates with Top Producer over the past year and these export options are greatly appreciated. Please continue to bring new life and features into this trusted platform.

  • Anonymous

    I have asked for years eveeytime I call. Please make market snapshot a self draw map as an option and not a radius default only. It allows us to provide our client more accurate information and a more professional appearance.
    Thank you

  • Myra jensen

    This is great news! Finally the ability to pull a mailing list out of TP without spending an hour trying to clean it up! Keep up the great advances!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this update much needed keep innovating

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