Top Producer CRM and Market Snapshot team up to make you more responsive than ever

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On their own they most definitely pack a punch, but together Top Producer CRM and Market Snapshot take achieving effortless and meaningful follow-up to a whole new level. Some really cool enhancements to both products are coming to a computer near you (some are available already and some will hit your screen next week).

Now available!Let’s start with Market Snapshot

Email marketing is tricky these days! Not only does your marketing content need to be bite-sized, personalized and relevant, you have to make sure it appears well on a ridiculous amount of devices and screen sizes too.

And these days, screens come in all shapes and sizes.

Smartphones are the most common starting place for online activities, and being of the (somewhat nerdy) analytical persuasion, we detected that 43% of all snapshots are opened on smartphones. So, to answer this pretty staggering number, we recently released this new smartphone format:

Snapshot on smartphone

Focusing solely on the consumer experience, this format displays what truly matters to them—awesome walkability ratings & amenity info, all listing photos (if available) and assigned schools for each listing (Amen).

Okay, so the new smartphone version includes some pretty cool new stuff, but on average though, we use 3 different screen combos a day. It’s important to have your messaging consistent across the board, so that’s what we’ve done.

Now if they’re on a larger screen (a desktop or laptop perhaps), they’ll see this:

Snapshot on laptop

And if they’re on a medium-sized screen (a tablet perhaps), they’ll see this:

Snapshot on tablet

All the cool smartphone stuff I referenced above—walk score ratings, more listing pics and assigned schools—is now available no matter what their screen size. And the branding of the snapshot report looks shockingly similar to its Listing Alert cousin too, don’t you think? Three cheers for consistency!

Looking for the school and community info?

Don’t fret. It’s there and more relevant than ever. The school info that now appears is associated with each listing! To view it, just click a listing to see the Schools Nearby section that you can expand to get the associated schools, their ratings, student/teacher ratio and more.

schools-comm-infoAnd if it’s community info you’re after, check out the awesome walk score ratings and amenities info you can find by clicking Neighborhood / Walk Score!

Community info


badge-soon-redAnd now onto Top Producer CRM

Very soon, your best buddy, old pal—the Follow-up Coach—will soon be even more helpful with a couple new suggestions to help you achieve effortless perfection in your follow-up.

If you use both Top Producer CRM and Market Snapshot, now the Follow-up Coach will suggest you send a snapshot report to clients that aren’t already receiving one. Not only that, but if the client hasn’t viewed the snapshot within a couple of days, the coach will prompt you to call or send a quick email.

Follow-up Coach

We also made a quick email template for this very purpose, so checking in to see if they got the snapshot will take you 2 seconds flat! (Does it get any better?!)

Email template on mobile

So when is all this available, you ask? The Market Snapshot release is already live and available as we speak, and you can count on seeing the additional nudges from the Follow-up Coach in Top Producer CRM next week. We hope you enjoy; Happy Friday everyone.

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  • Myra Jensen

    Hi, I love the new desktop version because my clients find the map very helpful. I don’t see my broker info on the report at all any more, is that a setting I need to change? Thanks!

    • crodgers

      Hi Myra, so glad to hear you and your clients like it! The broker info is there—you just have to click the individual listing in order to view it. Hope that helps.

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome I like this. Good job

  • Greg Libby

    I love the new integration of Market Snapshot with follow-up coach. No client left behind!

  • Anonymous

    What is the cost of snap shot?
    Thank you,

    Felix Valdelamar
    Remax College Park Realty

    • crodgers

      Hi Felix, thanks for your interest! We’ll have someone reach out to you shortly with more information about how Market Snapshot can help your business.

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