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A few weeks ago we showed you how easy it was to get your Top Producer CRM contacts into Facebook. Well, this week we kicked it up a notch with a webinar all about the wonder that is Facebook advertising. From creating the perfect ad, to lookalike audiences, and all the targeting options in between, our own Ryan Green took us on a Facebook journey that was both exciting and refreshingly simplistic.

Now while there’s no denying the power and magic of it all, Ryan said it best—Facebook can be a complicated beast. The good news? Through the webinar (check it out below if you missed it) and through a series of posts, we’re here to simplify it for you.

Top Producer & Facebook Advertising – Ask Us Anything!

Top Producer and Facebook AdvertisingTop Producer is hosting a special Ask Us Anything focused on our new integration between Top Producer® CRM and Facebook advertising. Top Producer® can upload your contact list to Facebook Custom Audiences so you can target them with advertising on Facebook, and even use Facebook Lookalikes to grow your brand to similar demographics in your area. Learn everything you need to know, and Ask us ANYTHING!

Posted by Top Producer Systems on Wednesday, May 10, 2017


The webinar covered many topics, but this post focuses on the top 3 things you should be doing now. (In a follow-up post, we’ll show you how to market them to your Top Producer CRM contacts and new prospects.)

First things first—you need a Facebook business page

Why? Well for starters, you can’t use the power of Facebook advertising without one. And while your personal profile is likely the most interesting on the block, you should have a professional business page that showcases your brand and expertise. Add a dash of your fabulous and charismatic self and I’d say you’ve got a recipe for success.

Above all else—your business page is a reflection of you, so make sure it’s attractive and matches your sparkling personality. (Remember—people big beautiful images.)

And here are 3 freebies you should be posting on your business page now

Anyone that’s liked your page will see these fine posts. (Psst, we created a page on Facebook so you can check them out for yourself if you want.)

Post #1: New listing

Hands down one of the best ways to generate new business is through your existing listing. And if you post listing details, you’re not only promoting it, you’re staying top of mind and reminding your past clients and sphere you’re still in the game.

Steps to create this post:

1. Go to your website and grab the link to your listing. (To copy the link, press CTRL + C on Windows; CMD + C on a Mac.)

2. Then post the link on your Facebook business page:

(After you paste the link, your listing photo automatically appears. Cool, right?!)

3. Last step—replace the link text with a short description. Get people excited, but don’t give away the price. You want them to contact you for more info.

Post #2: What’s your home worth?

This one’s all about using the stunning landing pages included with Market Snapshot. Wanna bet that inserting 1 simple link on your Facebook page will result in a whole lot of “friends” signing up for your Market Snapshot?

Steps to create this post:

1. Go to > then click Create your landing page in the bottom right.

2. Once you’ve logged in, grab the link:

3. Then post the link on your Facebook business page (see step 2 in the 1st post above) > and replace the link with a catchy description.

4. If you want to change the background image, you can easily swap it out by clicking the ‘+’ icon (shown below) > selecting your new image > then clicking the old image (so it’s no longer selected).

Post #3: Open house event

Last but not least, create an open house event. You can then invite your peeps, and we’ll later show you how to boost it to reach a larger audience.

Steps to create an event:

1. On your Facebook business page, click Create an event.

2. Add a photo of the listing and open house details > then click Publish.

3. That’s all there is to it, but don’t forget to invite your friends!

That’s it for now folks, but stay tuned for more in the coming days. We’ll show you how to market the ads you just created to both your Top Producer CRM contacts and new prospects in the area you choose!

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