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If you use the social media feature in Top Producer CRM, you’ll know that you haven’t been able to do much in the Facebook department for a while. (Quite frankly, you couldn’t do anything.)

This is because Facebook had updated their policies around what data is available for us to show to you. To cut straight to the chase—here’s what you can do now with the social media feature in Top Producer CRM and here’s what you can’t.

The good news…

You can once again post to your own profile and pages from within Top Producer CRM. Yay!

Thumbs up

Convenient for sure… Whenever you have one of those brilliant thoughts of yours, just click Share from the main menu anywhere in Top Producer CRM.

Update your status

And you can still post links to your listings like you could before—none of that has changed.

Now on to the not-so-good news…

You can no longer see your clients’ posts in Top Producer CRM. 🙁 We realize that this is most certainly disappointing for those that use the social media feature. And while this is beyond our control, we know that Facebook had their reasons for changing their privacy policy. Of course we still like them.

If you want to know more about the permissions that have been removed in Facebook’s latest update, you can read more about the changes here, albeit in some serious techy speak. (Just scroll down to the ‘Permission Changes’ section for details).

Take comfort in knowing that this affects any app/program that offered this integration. And while the news of this post won’t have you jumping for joy, think of it this way—you can still see what your clients are up to and like/comment to your ♥’s content. You’ll just have to log in to Facebook to do it.

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