Tips from Chris Smith & Jimmy Mackin you won’t want to miss (Part 2)

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As promised, here’s the 2nd part to our 3-part series—tips from Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin. This one is all about the Market Snapshot and how to best use it to your advantage.

When discussing Market Snapshot, Chris said that it all comes down to this—consumers have access to the info, are you going to be the one to give it to them? With Market Snapshot you will, and don’t kid yourself—they need your help interpreting it too.

Here are some super relevant and easy tips that maybe you hadn’t considered yet…

1) Use the landing pages we designed for you.

They’re pretty, free with your Market Snapshot subscription, and follow all the rules of what a landing page should be.

Landing pagesPsst, if you missed it, we outlined landing page tips in our 1st installment of this series.

2) Use Facebook chat!

This one’s my fave—it’s the digital equivalent to walking your neighborhood with a Market Snapshot report (which is still a good idea by the way—see #4 below). All you need to do is turn on Facebook chat in order to see everyone that’s currently logged in to Facebook. Then you can take advantage of the real-time selling opportunity and use this script (thanks Jimmy):

Script(Wow, that’s tricky!)

3) Even if your clients aren’t all signed up for snapshots, you can still send snapshots to all of them.

How? Send yourself a snapshot of your best areas once a week > copy the snapshot link in an email > then email it to your clients. Let them know they can get their very own report with their property as the focal point simply by asking you. How’s that for service?

Email snapshot link

4) Walk the neighborhood with a Market Snapshot on your iPad.

Don’t cringe. I’ll make you a friendly wager that you’ll get a few listings out of the deal…

Script 2

5) Realize the value of sold alert data and use it.

First, if Listing Alerts are available in your area, you need to realize how valuable the sold data is. Did you know that only a licensed agent with an MLS ID can send sold data to consumers? Zillow can’t, and neither can we. We can only include it in our report because we have an agreement with the MLSs that only realtors (i.e. you) can use it.

The second bonus—everyone and their dog is interested in sold alerts. I’m not planning on moving anytime soon, so I don’t care about new listings and price changes, but do I care what the Coopers just sold for? You bet, and I’m too polite (or chicken) to ask them.

So, like snapshots, set yourself up to receive sold alerts in your best areas > then when there’s a notable sale, forward it to your VIP clients with a personal note.

Just remember that real-time sold data is very hard to find and you should be the one to send it to them.

Sold alerts


That’s it for now, but stay tuned for the final installment and a link to the webinar. And here’s a quote from our friends at Curaytor that I think each and every one of us would benefit from remembering:

GrowthSo get out there and show your awesomeness!

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