Tips from Chris Smith & Jimmy Mackin you won’t want to miss (Part 1)

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We had an awesome webinar last week with Curaytor founders, Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin. Brad Inman once referred to them as 2 of the coolest guys in real estate, and after listening to them for over an hour, I think he has a point.

They’re charismatic and funny sure, but what I found most refreshing is how they say it like it is. Couple that with the fact that these guys seriously know their stuff and no doubt get results, and you get info that’s too good not to share.

So I’m going to bring you the strategies and tips they shared in a series of 3 posts. Everything from landing page best practices to Market Snapshot and Facebook ad strategies were covered, but I’ll start with stuff you can implement right away (regardless of what Top Producer products you subscribe to).

First though—big thanks to Chris and Jimmy for sharing all of these with us!

Landing pages

There’s a reason why landing pages are all the rage right now. They work if you follow these tried and tested tips:

1) Less is most definitely more, which means you should ONLY capture what you need to and nothing else. (Save the tabs and menus for your web site—not your landing page.)

We recently released these free-with-your-Market-Snapshot-subscription landing pages, which follow these tips to a tee. (We purposely didn’t add more fields because landing pages should be all about simplicity.)

Landing pages

Depending on how your landing page is set up, if the lead only enters their property address and then bails, you can still follow up with them. Knock on their door or use to send them a personal note. (Check out this when you have a sec—a robot can emulate your handwriting and send a personal note on your behalf. How cool is that?!)

2) Use a headline that steers the lead and please don’t use clipart. Professional images like the pretty one we used above will get you way more clicks than clipart will. ( has professional quality images for free!)

3) Make sure the page reflects your brand and take advantage of the fact that they’re staring at your page. Our landing pages include your name and contact info in the footer, and if you want to include a link to your web site (your ‘About’ page maybe?), enter it in the disclaimer in your Agent Profile.

Rip off leads from the portals

Yep, I said it. Chris gave 2 strategies on how to achieve just this.

Strategy 1:

Go to a portal > set a high price range > then sort by photo count (highest to lowest).

Photo count

Go to the last page > note which are close to expiring and set a reminder to contact.

What should you say? How about take them a screenshot of their ad and say “I can do better.” (Pretty bold move, but let’s be honest here… You help people buy/sell their largest asset—you’re not a wallflower. You’d also be making a very valid point. Who includes just 1 photo for a $1M dollar property?)

Strategy 2:

Get Zillow to notify you each time a FSBO posts. Just go to Zillow and display only the ‘Make Me Move’ potential listings > save it as a search > get notified when new ones come up.


Facebook Ad Tips

If you’re going to spend your money on Facebook ads, do it right:

1) Headlines should steer the right kind of leads. ‘Want to know what your neighbor sold for?’ or ‘Selling your home soon?’ are both goodies.

2) Use a professional image. And if you put a thin frame around it, it’ll stand out in the news feed.

3) Spell out what they should do. Example: ‘Selling your home soon and want to know how much it’s worth? Click here to download a custom report.’

4) Schedule your ad. It’d be nice if all your leads rolled in between the hours of 8AM-8PM, right?

5) Target your ad to specific groups. Facebook has the knowledge, so use it! Only send to those that have owned their home for 6+ years or to those with certain interests.

6) Check out the ‘Click to Call’ feature. Example: ‘Want to know what the neighbor’s house sold for? Click here to schedule an appointment.’ The call will be routed to the # you specify.

Look great online—seriously.

To leave you with one of the top takeaways from agents that attended the webinar: “Even your offline leads are internet leads.”

Your online presence is crucial, folks. Even if you didn’t catch them on the internet, they’re going to check you out on the internet, so make it count.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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