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I’ve got a couple (okay 3) really good reasons why you should though.

#1 – We add some very cool stuff you should know about

The features we’re adding (especially as of late) will put you miles ahead of your competition if you know about them and how to use them. You’re not a mind reader, so unless you stumble upon them while using the program, how are you going to know?

2 of my personal faves we’ve added in the last year:

Follow-up and Sold alerts

#2 – We tell you how to get the most out of your investment

You’ve invested your hard-earned money in this product, so we want to give you the straight goods on the quickest and most effective ways to use the different features. Your CRM should work for you so that you can focus on what you do best—help customers find the homes of their dreams.

#3 – You can give us the straight goods

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We want to hear what you think—the good, the bad and the ugly. And rest assured, whenever you take the time to tell us what you want, our Product Group hears about it. (They’re the ones who call the shots, but surprisingly they’re nice people.)

Okay, I’m in. How do I sign up?

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  • Cindee Zabner

    I have wanted to join market snapshot for a long time and was promised years ago when I dropped the program that a map search and not just a radius search would be available “soon”. I am surprised that you have not seen the value to add this element to your program since the radius search is of little value as an expert in the area if the search reflects homes that are fare different than in the subject home even though they are in the same radius. It actually shows incompetence and that troubles me. I will give this a 30 day trial to see the response but really wish you would listen to the many of us who have asked for this upgrade for years and were promised it would be soon.Ouch

    • crodgers

      This is a great suggestion and one we are working on. We’ve prototyped this, but since the majority of MLSs do not allow this type of query, it would require us to download the data onto our own server. We intend to work with the MLSs so we can offer this type of functionality, but at this time our agreements do not allow us to download the information to our servers. You might notice the portals offer this type of capability for listing search – that is because the listings are downloaded to their servers and updated. Hope this explains it.

  • tara pickens

    Hope to take advantage of these. I dove in without really watching the tutorials.

    • crodgers

      Let us know if there are any tips in particular you’d like me to blog about!

  • Mark Veltre

    Sign us up!

    • crodgers

      Done deal Mark! Just make sure you click the confirmation link in the email we send you and you’ll be good to go.

  • Rick Burley

    Signed up for the blog…

    • crodgers

      Awesome Rick! Let us know if you want us to blog about any specific topics.

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