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Love is in the air, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may soon find yourself searching for that perfect gift. Here at Top Producer, we wanted to express our fondness—don’t blush—and we think we’ve found the perfect way… Here are some really cool features you’re going to love.

Now your best friend is with you wherever you go!

When it comes to follow-up, the Follow-up Coach is your best friend, working tirelessly to take the guesswork out of who you need to follow up with and when. Who’s ready to buy? Who’s slipped through the cracks?

The coach is still giving you 5 clients a day to connect with, but now you can get them on your mobile device too! So no matter where your day takes you, reaching out to your daily 5 has never been easier.

And the best part—all it takes is a few taps…


Now let’s talk email marketing for a sec…

It’s no secret that MailChimp and BombBomb are two of the most popular email marketing services out there, and for good reason. That’s why we’ve made it super easy to send your captivating campaigns to your Top Producer CRM contacts!

All you have to do is connect Top Producer CRM to that lovable chimp or BombBomb, and then send your contacts over. It’s really simple, but you can get help here if you need it.

(And if you don’t know about MailChimp or BombBomb yet, click the appropriate link to find out!)

More detail in your lead alerts

Chances are when we notify you of a new lead, you’re on the road. Of course you want to contact them right away, but do you have all the details you need?

Now you do! Our lead alert emails now contain more info, including the property the lead is asking about. Oh, and we’ve added a link to their contact record too, so you’re just a click away from more details if you need ’em.

(Here’s an email alert, but your SMS alerts now have a link to the Sales Pipeline too.)

And for Market Snapshot users

The coach has some new advice—send a Market Snapshot to stay in touch! The minute it’ll take will certainly pay off.

And back in the contact record, there’s a new button on the block in the Summary tab.

That’s it for now! And whether you can’t wait ’til February 14th or look forward to the day after, we hope your day is filled with whatever you love the most!

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