Time to clear the dust bunnies from your database

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Spring is in the air, and so is a Supermoon, solar eclipse, and …drum roll… THE SPRING MARKET! So giddy-up and let’s start the season off right, shall we?

A recent Inman survey revealed these 2 facts:

Inman statistics

So I’d venture to say the perfect place to start your spring cleaning is by sweeping the dust bunnies from your database. Shake things up—connect with your past clients, sphere and recent sales and you’ll be off to a great start this spring.

Sphere: Just touching base will do wonders, and we have the perfect spring-themed templates to do just that! You’ll initiate a conversation, stay top of mind, and they won’t forget what you do the next time someone mentions they want to buy or sell.


Past clients: You can bank on the fact that every home owner is interested in the current value of their home, so tell them! Give them a call and let them know how the market changes affect them, or send a Market Snapshot and schedule a follow-up call.

Past clients

Recent sales: You know they ♥ you, so follow up with them and ask for a recommendation or a referral! And don’t forget to put them on a quarterly or semi-yearly Market Snapshot (so they know how their shiny new investment is performing), and schedule a follow-up call for down the road so you don’t lose touch.

Recent sales

Whether you have your own recipe for success, or you take a few of these tips and run with them, it all comes down to connection. So shoot off a few emails from the Follow-up Coach and pick up the phone and say hey. But make sure you set aside some time to stop and smell the flowers—it’s a lovely time of year. Happy spring everyone!

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