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Yahoo, AOL and, most recently, Gmail made some changes to their security policies, and while they had the best intentions—to fight spam—the changes wreaked havoc on legitimate third-party senders like us. Oops! (We’re not bitter though. We hate spam too.)

Millions were affected, and a lot of the third-party senders just told their customers to use other email addresses. That wasn’t good enough for us, so our Development team worked hard to find an alternate solution—go team!

We’ll spare you the technical details—the only thing you need to know is that if you entered an email address other than your address in your Top Producer CRM account settings, this address won’t appear in the From field when you send email from within Top Producer CRM. We’ll display this instead:

From field

And if you’re not sure which email address you entered in your account settings, just go to My Account > then click the My Info tab to find out.

Account settings

So rest assured, no matter which email you entered in Top Producer CRM, and no matter what security policies the inboxes you’re sending to are using, your email will arrive safe and sound as it should. That’s all for now. Happy sending!

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