The new responsive Market Snapshot—this is just the beginning

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We recently released the new responsive Market Snapshot, and the numbers don’t lie—consumers are loving it! Here are a few numbers to make you smile. Since the release:

  • Consumers are spending more time viewing the report. They’re spending 29.6% more time on tablets and 27.9% more time on desktop computers.
  • Inquiries are up 11%!
  • This one’s my fave—repeat visits are up 13.5% on tablets and 22.8% on desktop computers! They love it so much they’re coming back for more. (Aw, shucks.)

Now while the above is fantastic news, you guys gave us some really good feedback that we’ve taken to ♥. Here are the changes we’ve made to bring you—and your engaged consumers—an even better snapshot report.

You are dashing and should be front and center

And admittedly you weren’t when a consumer viewed a listing’s details, so we’ve taken care of that. Now no matter what a consumer is looking at, your branding is now in the top left where it should be.

Agent branding

And while your branding is now front and center, the MLS and broker info isn’t center stage anymore. Of course it’s still there—we’re not rule breakers—but now consumers have to view the Property Details to see it.

MLS & broker info

Walkability is where it’s at, folks.

I’ve said it once (or twice) and I’ll say it again—from the millennials to gen X to the boomers, everyone cares about walkability. So now whenever they check out a listing, the walk score ratings and amenities info are right there. (Aren’t you clever?)


And last but not least, a new map view

We’ve got a brand new spiffy satellite view for you too (well, for your clients, but it makes you look good so it’s for you too).

Satellite view

Oh, and before we part, there were a few teeny sizing and formatting issues with the property details and agent picture, which have now been all fixed up too.

We hope you’re happy with the changes and increased engagement from your consumers! And keep the feedback coming, folks. This is only the beginning of something pretty amazing.

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