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To quote our very first winner of the #reconnect contest: “I appreciate how the system is working for me.” And Sandra Provenzano, we appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to tell us your story!

In November we launched the #reconnect contest, asking for your best Follow-up Coach stories and how it’s helped your business. Knowing the power of the Coach, we waited with bated breath as the stories rolled in. (Drum roll please.)

After careful review, we chose Sandra Provenzano as our first winner. Her daily use and trust in the Coach—following up with exactly 5 a day—resonated with us, and quite frankly, made us think we all should take a page from Sandra’s book. Book

Here’s her story

Sandra Provenzano

Sandra is a successful real estate agent who works for RE/MAX Jazz Inc in the Toronto area. She’s been using Top Producer CRM for only a year and has already found value in her CRM. Her database consists of past clients and leads, and she’s using the Follow-up Coach to make meaningful, personal connections and stay top of mind.

Each and every day, Sandra picks up the phone and calls her daily 5. After making contact, she uses the Wrap up feature to record detailed notes.

Wrap up

If there was one thing she emphasized in the short time we spoke with her, it was the importance of making notes.


(We couldn’t agree more!)

Sandra has only been using Top Producer CRM for one year, but already the Follow-up Coach has driven tangible results for her. She can trace at least one instance where as a result of taking a suggested action from the Coach, she reconnected with a client. They were ready to list and wanted her assistance. Why? Apart from Sandra’s great reputation, they were impressed with how well she kept in touch. Nicely done, Sandra!

So be sure to tell us YOUR Follow-up Coach stories on our Facebook page using #reconnect this December! The lucky winner will receive 1 free year of Top Producer CRM, and the 3 runner-ups will get 1 month free. We can’t wait to hear about your ♥ for the Coach!


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  • Cherie Hill

    I started with top producer back in June of 2016. I was a independent agent working form home. Top producer have helped me follow up with my clients and actually close more deals. I hate following up however its not as bad now when I’m prompted to do so. In January of 2017 I was able to start a small team and we are now growing in our new office space. #reconnet #followupcoach, #topproducercrm

    • crodgers

      Cherie, thank you for sharing your story! We’re so happy to hear of your success and how our products have helped you. I’ll make sure you’re entered into the #reconnect contest for May. Again, here’s to your success!

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