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What do a genie, best practices and an automaton have in common? Why they’re all important parts of our latest #reconnect winner’s strategy, of course.

Meet John

John Martelotti is a successful real estate agent with Robert Defalco Realty in Staten Island, New York. We had the pleasure of speaking with John and found his honesty, transparency and authenticity—3 of my favorite qualities—very refreshing.

Which is precisely why he started using Top Producer CRM and Market Snapshot.

And the Coach has already granted 1 important wish—effective follow-up

John had been sending MLS updates to one of his investment clients for 5 years which, quite frankly, resulted in diddly squat. No meaningful connection—just the same old MLS updates that weren’t even mobile-friendly or branded to him.

One day the client pops up in the Follow-up Coach and, being the diligent and dedicated agent that he is, John sent him the general reconnect email.

He then followed it up with a fully branded Market Snapshot report for the client’s area of interest. And guess who’s out showing him rental houses today? (Go John!)

Doing all this on his phone took less than a few minutes, but the impact is huge. (If you haven’t seen mobile yet, just open a browser on your phone and enter m.tpcrm.com.)

The moral of the story—MLS updates that everyone is used to getting won’t make you stand out or keep you top of mind. But a casual email to say hey and a professional, engaging and relevant Market Snapshot report? Well, that just makes you downright brilliant.

And while John has only been with us a few months, he’s really been paying attention…

Being a resourceful kind of guy who wants to get the most out of his investment and take his business to the next level, John pays attention to the best practices we share in our webinars and on this very blog. (You just made our week, John!)

Here are 2 of his faves:

Use BBF when you follow up

Remember this tip from our webinar in December? BBF = Behavior Based Follow-up and it means connecting your email marketing to your phone call prospecting.

When John sends out Market Snapshots, he follows it up 30 minutes later with a phone call.

Having all the intel he needs—who is opening what and when—he’s using it to help identify who he should call. Smart. (Check out the BBF section in this blog post for all the details.)

Reach out on Facebook Messenger

Another one of John’s favorite tips—log in to Facebook Messenger > find someone who is logged on right now > then offer up value with a Market Snapshot.

(Psst, the Facebook Messenger strategy can be found here, including what to do after so you remember to follow up.)

And for those just starting out…

John has this tip for you—keep your database clean. He has around 700 contacts in his database so far, and has a relationship with each and every one of them. This makes achieving his marketing goals—staying top of mind and making meaningful connections—a whole lot easier!

So if you find that the Coach presents contacts that desperately need organization, don’t ignore it. Take a long hard look at them—do they need to be categorized with a contact type, and should their pipeline status change from ‘new’ to ‘engage’? You get the drift.

That’s it for now folks. A big congrats on your win, John, and thanks for sharing your story! We have no doubt these strategies will take your business to the next level, and we’re excited to help in any way we can.

And if a free year of Top Producer CRM sounds good to you, take 2 minutes to go to our Facebook page and share how the Coach has helped you. You can’t win if you don’t!

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  • Duncan Ferguson

    Been using Top Producer for only a couple months now. Had a question, pinged Zach for the first time, I expected a response in a couple minutes, because Top Producer is pretty good, but nope, it was about 15 seconds. He directly addressed my question. Boom, bam, done. Everything was good. #reconnect

  • Anonymous

    Janet Swider-Wirth


    Top Producer is great,but still learning all the great options there are. I asked a question about printing labels from my contact list. I received the link to the tutorial instantly! It was helpful and now I will have it for future reference.

  • Libby johnson

    Zach is awesome. For the “technologically challenged” his instructions are clear, concise, and functional. He has enlightened my excitement and desire to use Top Producer to its’ full benefit, and inspired me to be a creative, thinking-out-of-the box agent and offer the best service possible to my customers. Thanks Zach, you’re the best!

  • Anonymous

    Love their Live Chat. the Chat says Zach was helping me. I am great he was patient and understanding, even though I was missing out on reading instructions as he was giving me. I loved that it short and straight to the point. He would wait as I tried what he suggested. I feel more confident using top producer.

  • Amanda M Cox

    Had a wonderful instant message experience this morning with tech support helping me integrate BombBomb to TP. Thank you for the amazing response time – you all are making me BETTER!!!

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