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From delightful reasons to connect to follow-up simplified, this latest release has you covered. Read on to see what we’ve done to help you achieve even more greatness (if that’s even possible?!).

Need reasons to connect?

What’s better than the Smith’s 2nd year in their home, Fred junior’s 5th birthday (who, according to his parents, still walks on water), or the Andrews’ 25th wedding anniversary? All you need to do is enter a description and date for your clients’ important dates and we’ll remind you from now until the end of time if you so chose. And your clients will love you for it (you’ll be walking on water—just like little Freddy).

Focus on what’s yours

Team leads will breathe a sigh of relief, while team members can focus on what they need to—their clients! With the new contact access rights, just flick the switch and your team members will only see their contacts and the details that are relevant to them.

Follow-up simplified

A client gave you the lowdown on their dream property over lunch. On your way back to the office, you ran into an old friend and had a quick chat about investment properties. With all you do in a day, we wanted to give you a quick way—less than 30 seconds, we promise—to enter the details of your daily interactions and schedule the next action to keep things moving forward.

Don’t just attach your Google Drive/Dropbox files to your Top Producer CRM contacts—email them too!

You already know you can attach your Google Drive/Dropbox files to your Top Producer CRM contacts, but let’s be honest, it’d be nice to email them too, right? Now, with just a click in their record, you can. Oh, and you can attach anything your heart desires when composing email too!

That’s it for now!

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